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Honoring The Past . . 

It is my will to found and endow an institution to be called the 

Simmons Female College for the purpose of teaching 

medicine, music, drawing, designing, telepathy and other 

branches of art, science and industry best calculated to 

enable the scholars to acquire independent livelihood. 

-John Simmons (1796-1870) 


A few years ago, people said, "What is Simmons? Where is it? 

What does it do? Oh, I see-a business school!" When they 
learned it was not a mere business school, but a college with a 

four-year course including academic as well as technical 

training, they realized that Simmons College was a departure 

from the established order of schools. 

-Microcosm, 1911 

Simmons College was founded in 1899. Classes began in 

1902. The first students wore long skirts and rode to their 

dormitories in horse-drawn cobs; but they were entering a 

modern college, the first of its kind in the country- the first to 

provide professional, as well as liberal arts, training for the 

young women. 
-Microcosm, 1943 

When Simmons College opened its doors, a college for women 

combining cultural and professional studies was unheard of. 

Faded clippngs from newspapers an magazines of the time 

reveal that the venture was regarded as sensational, if not 

-Microcosm, 1944 


. . Looking Towards The Future, 

Simmons College 300 The Fenway Boston, Massachusetts** 

Simmons College, Boston 

Along with the people who helped put this 
book together, we'd like to thank the people 
whom© iiit. A few; who worked 

behind! Section 

of Simm 5 Bostos fe. Thanks 

goes out to William Mercer for his wonderful 
photography featured in our colored section, 
Shanti Heffern for her unbelievable and greatly 
appreciated work on the sports section, The 
Archive Department for their endless hours of 
research blic Rel< grtmentfor 

their cor jtions of those ji ssed 

pictures, and The President's Office for their 
understanding and patience. Finally, the 2000 
Microcosm staff recognizes both Davor 
Photography and Jostens Printing and 
Publishing for another successful completion 
oftheSif Thank you 


- Celebrating the Past page 4 
- Looking Towards the Future page 25 
- Senior Support page 62 
- Faculty page 66 
- Events page 73 

- Activities page 79 

- Athletics page 91 
- Student Life page 101 

- Featured Artists page 1 1 


President's Piece Of History 

For the past 

years, Simmons 
College has given 
women - and more 
recently, a few 
good men at our 
graduate schools 
-the unparalleled 
opportunity to find 
their voice. That 
metaphor I have 
borrowed from an 
alumna, Lucia 
Luce Quinn '75. 
"Most of all," Lucia 
wrote to me, "I 
found my voice. I 
entered Simmons 
uncertain about 
who I was and 
what I could do. I 
graduated ready 
to face the world 
and make a 

In this 
Centennial year, I 
wrote all 50,000 

alumnae/1 with news of the College and invited them to share with 
me their memories about Simmons which we would make part of 
our Centennial archives. I received over 1 ,000 responses and 
their memories were remarkable. Some alumnae/i like Janice 
Holt-Kerns '88 described friendships; "During my sophomore year 
I met me best friend. I liked her immediately . . . Now, after 14 
years we are still best friends. A friendship like ours is once in a 
lifetime treasure, and we have Simmons to thank for it." 

Others described Simmons' academic programs and faculty. In 
fact, most of the alumnae/i memories were stories about Simmons 
faculty, memories about the outstanding women and men who 
shaped the intellectual and professional lives of so many 
Simmons students. Our faculty encouraged Simmons students to 
become what they had only dared to imagine. Frances Zion 
Goldberg '59 wrote: "Simmons faculty treated me as if I were a 
serious, intellectual, poised and deserving adult - which often 
times I was not, but which later I did become because of the 
inspiration and trust they placed in me." 

These letters from Simmons alumnae/i affirm how well the 
college educates its students and prepares them for the world of 
work. Simmons alumnae/i are competent, dedicated 
professionals - women who have found their voices, who become 
what they had only dared to imagine and who make a difference 
In their families, professions, communities and country." 

• President, Dan Cheever March 28, 2000 

"For the past one hundred 

: < ' > : r ~ r - \i 
:■ : ; ... ■ /.. v" : .. I 

recently, a few good men at 
our graduate schools - the 

their voice." - Lucia Luce Quinn 

1 900' s 

1900-1909- The Microcosm 
2000 staff would like to take this 
opportunity to thank the Archives 
Department for their contribution 
to this yearbook. Without their 
cooperation this "Honoring the 
Past" section would not have 
been possible. The next several 
pages will show a small 
sampling of the vast collections 
the Archives Department keeps 
for us as well as those curious 
students of the future. 

Since the foundings of 
Simmons College in 1899, the 
mission has involved preparing 
young women for the 
professional world. A college 
education gave women far more 
life choices so that they were not 
forced into marriage as a means 
of survival. The Simmons women 
of then and the Simmons Women 
and Graduate Men of now are 
serious students who also know 
how to have fun. We have 
reflected both aspects of 
student life through the decades 
that comprise our first century. 



rgfaili ^^^ 

f ,f f w 


Shown on the left page, our founder John 
Simmons, photo taken In 1 845, Located 
lower left, a Group portrait of the Class of 
1 906. Above, Elizabeth Frances Upham 
Class of 1 907. Portrait of Lucy Church "08 
sitting in a chair reading a book. Student of 
the School of Household Economics, 
weighing a child, photo taken in 1 909. 


During this decade many landmarks 
were made from the invention of the first 
air conditioner by Carrier to the 
beginning of prohibition 1919, from the 
start and the end of World War 1 
(1 914-1 91 8) to the election of President 
Wilson. During this time Simmons 
College made history when Jane 
Addams came to speak as the 
commencement speaker in 191 1 . In 
1 889 Jane Addams moved to Chicago 
to live among the poorest people to try 
to improve their lives. She founded Hull 
House in an old mansion and began her 
career of service. Addams became a 
thorn in the side of local politicians as 
she worked to abolish sweat shops and 
child labor. Addams called for shorter 
working hours, labor unions, and 
industrial safety. One of many awards 
bestowed on her was the Nobel Peace 



team posed 

on the 

beach at 


during the 





posed with 


and young 




members ot 

the Junior 




Women were given the right to vote, thanks to a constitutional amendment. There does not 
seem to be another decade that began and ended with such diverse economic circumstances 
for the western world. "The Roaring Twenties" were a time of great abundance for some 
Americans. In 1928, Warner Brothers made the first talking picture and in October, 1929, the 
stock market crashed, plunging several countries into the worst depression ever experienced. 

Students of the class of '29, 
Barbara Partridge and Florence 
Randal In costume portraying Love 
and Vanity during May Day near 
Refectory, 1927. Freshmen 
students performing drills during 
Drill Team exhibition on playing 
field behind the Simmons Main 
College Building, 1926. 

Miss Newcomb, student, in 
Flamouth doing child hygiene 
field work, posed holding baby 
with two small children at her side, 
1922. Member of the Sophomore 
Band posed sitting in an 
automobile, 1929. Simmons 
students enjoying an iceream out 
side a popular parlor. 

At the lowest point in 
the Great Depression, 
Franklin D. Roosevelt was 
elected President for the 
first of his four terms. A 
later constitutional 
amendment would 
preclude any future 
President from repeating 
that length of time in 
office. FDR's New Deal 
was a package of social 
reform and aid programs 
whose usefulness is 
immeasurable. Many 
social programs today 
are evolved programs 
from the New Deal. 

World War II began in 
Europe and Asia, though 
the US stayed out of the 
fighting until 1941. 
Colonel Miriam E. Perry 
Goll, Class of 1930 was a 
dietitian in the Air Force 
by that time. It is in her 
name that the Archives 
Department is 


No issue seemed more prevalent in the lives of 
Americans and their allies than the war effort, Simmons 
women were valued members of the armed forces. 
Many joined the service after graduating. Other women 
came to Simmons after their military duty and used the 
"G.I. Bill" to finance their education. 

The war finally ended after two nuclear bombs were 
dropped in 1945. Ghandi, a peace advocate and 
revered leader in India, was assassinated in T948. 




The rights promised to Americans 
were still being abused in many ways 
all over the country. In 1958 the US 
Supreme Court ruled that school 
segregation based on a "separate but 
equal" policy was unconstitutional. 
During the 50's another phenomenal 
woman came to seak at a Simmons 
commencement. Eleanor Roosevelt, 
First Lady for FDR was the mastermind 
behind many of his best programs 
according to Blanche Weissen Cook's 
Eleanor Roosevelt Volume II: The White 
House Years, Eleanor Roosevelt made 
several trips to Simmons for speaking 
engagements. Like Jane Addams, she 
was considered a subversive of the 
political process by many elected 
officials who were comfortable with the 
statue quo. Mrs. Roosevelt believed 
that every American deserved 
adequate shelter, food a free 
education and that every able bodied 
adult was entitled to the pride 
associated with earning their own good 


Left page: 1954, Three unidentified Modern Dance students 
leaping in Back Bay Fens behind towering tree, being 
reflected by the water, Photo titled: Spring Song on the 
Fenway. Simmons student wearing wedding gown being 
fitted by another for the Prince Open House (perhaps a 
fashion show), 1 959. Sue Daniels '54, Barbara Morris '54, 
Marjorie Lash '54 and Ernie Boulet '54 talk to Harry Agganis of 
the Boston Red Sox after a game, 1 954 . 


John Kennedy was elected President 
and made many lasting policy changes. 
NASA was founded and in this decade 
landed men on the moon. After JFK's 
assassination, Johnson became 
President and stepped up US 
involvement in a civil war in a small 
country called Vietnam. By the time our 
country got out of this country, we had 
lost 58,000 men and women. There were 
many protests to the war and continued 
civil rights violations all over our country. 
Political activism was at an all-time high, 
especially on college campuses. By the 
end of this turbulent decade, we would 
lose many more bright lights to 
assassins' hatred and fear. On the 
brighter side of the picture, two 
wonderful national programs came into 
being: Peace Corps and Special 
Olympics just to name two. Among the 
amazing people of the 60's came Ruth 
Leonard, Professor, Library and 
Information Science. Ruth Leonard is 
now a member of the Simmons Archive 
team, she has helped in the production 
of this section of the yearbook. She is 
shown in 1963 talking with RedSox First 
baseman, Dick Stuart, in the Kenmore 




Aerial viem of Simmons Residence campus in 1 961 , 
Included in photo is the Longwood Area and Fenway 
Area. 1 967, Judith Galler Simmons Senior '67, is posed 
Plowing a PuPPIe seated in a yoga position . . . Simmon's 
BuPPIe Gum Champ! 



April 22, 1970 was the first 
observed "Earth Day" in the US. 
Based on the writings of Henry D. 
Thoreau's Walden, Rachel 
Carson's Silent Spring, and others, a 
huge conservation movement has 
grown. Walden Pond, the site that 
inspired Thoreau's writings is 
accessible by commuter rail for 
Bostonians without their own 

More anti-war protests and 
women's rights rallies brought 
significant changes to the US, 
though there is still plenty of work 
to be done In the field of human 
rights. An organization called reports that there 
are still approximately twelve 
million people living in slavery in 

The only US President to resign 
did so in August, 1972. This was 
after many months of investigation 
into a break-in at the Watergate 
apartment complex. The break-in 
was supposed to have been to 
discover campaign secrets of the 
Democratic Party. 

— _ 


1 97 1 Lucy Dean Warren '21 , attending her 50th Reunion 
poses for a quick shot as she holds the Class of 1 921 trophy 
cup. Gloria Steinham Poses at a podium during an 
Influences speakers program, Margaret Mead, 1 975 
Commencement speaker posed at the microphone 
addressing graduates. Students at a "No Nukes" Rally 
protesting nuclear weapons, 1979. 



The election of President Reagan ushered in the "Me" 
decade. There were many national scandals and tragedies 
that were all over our TVs in more complete coverage than we 
had ever seen. The Space Shuttle Challenger exploded on take 
off in January of 1986, The Iran-Confra scandal brought into 
question the ethics of our government officials as well as the 
liability of a president for the conduct of his subordinates. 

In the Autumn of 1 989 the Berlin Wall, a symbol of the Cold 
War that had existed since the end of World War II, was 
demolished and Europe continued the reunification process. 
Maya Angelou Is an internationally respected poet, writer, 
educator, screenplay writer, director and producer. Her 
autobiographical works are an inspiration to millions on not 
simply survining adversity but thriving no matter what your 
circumstances. Dr. Angelous is the recipient of numerous 
awards throughout her career and continues her work to 
improve the lives of women in "Third World" countires. She was 
the commencement speaker for the 1987 ceremony. 

\ Iff ^JSH I 


' mm*m ], ^ amlmm ' 


P^^ft , \ ... ;\^(|$ 


" "' 

^p8i»''' '|*SSS™ ,B,,, ff"" S! ^ -wswwiii^iiiig 




' ■ 31 


^Kii ill 



f V 



Academic school year 
1981-1982, Five unidentified 
students posing in old-fashioned 
costumes and large hats, much 
like the ones worn in the earlier 
Simmons years, during Fall Fest. 
Shown to the left, the first stages of 
construction of the Holmes Sport 
Center, 1988. 1982 Photo of the 
Simmons College "Sportsacular" 
events. Several participants take a 
short break to smile for the camera 
at Winsor School playing field. 





This issue of the 2000 College Microcosm is dedicated to 
the past 100 years of Simmons Faculty for their dedication, 
support, knowledge and experience in their fields. The senior 
class would like to thank all faculty members who have 
touched the hearts and created dreams for each student. 

Thank you and congratulations on being such a large and 
influential part of history. 

Amane AbdelJaber 

"We cannot think of being acceptable to 
others until we have first proven 
acceptable to ourselves. " El Hajj Malik El 
Shabazz (Malcolm X) 

Grace Abdelnour 

"You only grow by coming to the end of 
something and by beginning something 
else." -John Irving 
"Friends are gifts to give to yourself. " 

Elisabeth Aiello 

"Some people never find it, some only 
pretend . . . but me, I just want to live 
happily ever after, every now and then. 

Nofa Khalid Al-Zayani 

"Men Jeda wejed, wa men zr3a 5sed. ' 
-Arabic saying 


Fatma Khalifa Al-Maskiry 

"However hardworking, disciplined, 
talented or gifted you are- it is important 
to realize that relatively only a few get the 
privilege and opportunity to attend 
exclusive private schools and then go on 
to some of the best Universities. As we 
finish our studies it is important to 
remember that Privilege, Wealth and 
Power come with great Responsibilities. 
We should be ready to give back to 
society as much as we have 
taken. "Shamsa Al-Lamki 

Meredith M. Albert 

Ramsey Alwin 

"It is from numberless diverse acts of 
courage and belief that human history is 
shaped. Each time a (wo)man stands up 
for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of 
others of strikes out against injustice s/he 
sends forth a tiny ripple of hope, and 
crossing each other from a million 
different centers of energy and daring, 
those ripples behind a current that can 
sweep down the mightiest walls of 
opression and resistance. " -S. Africa 1 966 

Lisa Angiolilli 

Katherine M. Arbo 

"Cherish your vision; cherish the music 
that stirs in your heart, the beauty that 
forms in your mind, the loeliness that 
drapes your purest thoughts, if you remain 
true to them, your world wil at last be 
built. " -James Allen 

■ ■ < '-* 


Liliana M. Avila 

7 long to see you unfold, young woman; 
to be assured of you own clear woman's 
voice; to find the music that you need, 
young woman; To hear your heart and 
then, only thenm to make you choice. " 
-Therese Edell, 1 970 women's music 

Sana Shoaib Ayubi 

"Your own heart is your candle; you own 
self is all light you need. "-Iqbal 

Kimberly Lynne Bacon 

' When we long for life without difficulties, 
remind us that oaks grow in contrary winds 
and diamonds are made under 
pressure. "-Peter Marshall 


Panchalee B. Banchongma 

Dara Beach 

Abby Christina Bent 

Basma N. Beydoun 

Laurrie J Bittman 

"The best bridge between despair and 
hope is a good nights sleep. " 

Evangeline B. Bradley 


Ashley K. Brochu 

Sharise Michelle Brown 

"With God all things are possible. " 

Monika Ewa Buczyk 

"You'd better slow down. Don't dance so 
fast. Time is short. The music won't last. Life 
is not a race. Do take it slower. Hear the 
music before the song is over. " 
"What a long strange trip this has 

"Mama, You are my sunshine, my only 
sunshine. You make me happy when sky's 
are grey. You'll never know dear, how 
much I love you. So please don't take my 
sunshine away." 

Virginia L. Bunting 

", . . life is like forging a river, stepping 
from one slippery stone to another, and 
you must rejoice every time you don't lose 
your balance, and learn to laugh at all 
the times you do. " -Merle Shain 

Angela Burke 

Starting here, what do you want to remember? How 
sunlight creeps along a shining floor? What scent of 
old wood hovers, what the softened sound from 
outside fills the air? Will you ever bring a better gift for 
the world than the breathing respect that you carry 
wherever you go right now? Are you waiting for the 
time to show you some better thoughts? When you 
turn around, starting here, lift this new glimpse that you 
found; carry into everything all that you want from this 
day. This interval you spent reading or hearing this, 
keep it for life- What can anyone give you greater 
than now, starting here, right in this room, when you 
turn around? -William Stafford 

Sarada Bernstein 

"You've been hit by . . . you've been 
struck by. . . a smooth criminal." 


Kimberly Campbell 

"Don't ever stop loving, don't ever stop 
believing, don't ever stop dreaming your 
dreams. " -Anonymous 

Joy Cancellieri 

"The art of love . . . is largely the art of 

persistence" -Albert Ellis 

"You must be the change you wish to see 

in the world" -Ghandi 

"Wisdom begins in wonder -Socrates 

Mellisa M. Carroll 


Marie Florey Celestin 

Susana M. Chan 

Jessica S. Chekovsky 


Samantha Chui 

Abigail Starbuck Coffin 

"Appreciate every moment and take 
from those moments everything that you 
possibly can for you may never be able 
to experience it again" -anonymous 
"Nothing happens by chance or luck. " 

Anna B. Coffman 

Alicia C. Cook 

"Nothing is impossible" -Unknown 
"Reach for the stars, they're within your 
reach," -Unknown 

Lauren J. Cook 

Pamela S. Crane 


Lisa C. D'Agostino 

Brook F. Davis 

Gina Di Sanzo 

"Dream as if you'll live forever. Live as if 
you'll die foday " -James Dean 
"The besf and most beautiful things in 
the world cannot be seen, nor touched 
. . but are felt in the heart. " -Helen Keller* 

Linh T. Diep 

Elizabeth Doherty 

"Hey Jamie, lets eat cake every day for 
the rests of our lives. " 

Sarah M. Donovan 


Heather Marie Douglas 

7 am only one, but still I am one; I 
cannot do everything, but I still can do 
something; and because I cannot do 
everything, I will not refuse to do the 
something that I can do. " -Edward Hale 

Robin Drysdale 

"Never doubt that a small group of 
thoughtful commited citizens can 
change the world: in deed, its the only 
thing that ever has. " Margaret Mead 

Marta M. Dziewulska 

"There are not many things in life beautiful 
as true friendship, and not many things 
more uncommon. " -unknown 

Nora A. Erickson 

Jennifer Marie Ewing 

"Our lives are better left to chance. I 
could have missed the pain, but I'd of 
had to miss the dance. " -Garth Brooks 

Julie Farnam 


Sheri Ann Felix 

"Whatever you do, you need courage. 
Whatever course you decide upon, there 
is always someone to tell you you are 
wrong, There are always difficulties arising 
which tempt you to believe that your 
critics are right. To map out a course of 
action and follow it to the end, requires 
some of the same courage which a 
soldier needs. " -Ralph Waldo Emerson 

Erin A. Forbes 

Samantha A. Franco 

Carly Beth Gartman 

"Ififs not fun, why do it?" -Ben and Jerry 

Karen Elaine Gaspar 

"Don't wear fear or nobody will know 
you're there."- Cat Stevens 

Bethany J. Geiger 


Leslie Gilmore Gilliam 

"Life is what you make of it. " 

Kelley Gillis 

"In life what sometimes appears to Pe the 
end is really a new Peginning. " 

Jadine N. Greenaway 

"One people, One nation, One 
CariPPean. " 

Varina S. Gunn 

"Even when a journey has a destination, 
the destination may not Pe the main part 
of it all. " -Johretta B. Cole 

Rachel Haase 

"You Petter Pe good, or you better Pe 
damned good at it. " -Reid Genauer, 

Madeline Jean Hall 

"Patience is a virtue. " 

"Never waste an opportunity to tell 

someone you love them. " 

"Some friends are as inseparaPle as wire 

coat hangers." 


Heather Denise Hancock 

"The glory of friendship is not the 
outstretch hand, nor the kindly smile, nor 
the joy of companionship; it is the spirital 
inspiration that comes to one when he 
discovers that someone else believes in 
him and is willing to trust him with his 
friendship." -Ralph Waldo Emerson 

Kelly D. Hanlon 

April-Amber E. Harmon 

Shanti Heffern 

I'm going to do my best swan dive into 
shark infested waters. " -Ani Difranco 
"I always knew that looking back on my 
tears would someday make me laugh, 
but I never thought that looking back on 
my laughter would someday make me 
cry."- anonymous 


Julie Anne Hill 

"Do not be anxious about anything, but in 
everything, by prayer and petition, with 
thanksgiving, present requests to God. 
And the peace of God, which transcends 
all understanding, will guard your hearts 
and your minds to Christ Jesus. " 
Philippians 4:6,7 

Tamothy E. Holden 

"You've got to dance like no on'es 
watching and love like its never going to, 
hurt. " -unknown 

Monique Holley 

"Through my trials and tribulations, my 
struggle was fieirce, but I made it and 
now its time for me to make my mark in 
the new millennium. " 

Beth Helen Hopgood 

"If one advances confidently in the 
direction of their dreams, and endeavors 
to lead a life which they have imagined, 
they will meet with a success unexpected 
in common hours. " - Henry David Thoreau 
"The future belongs to those who believe 
in the beauty of their dreams. " -Eleanor 

Heather Ann Hopgood 

"Never give up your dreams. Somehow, 
somewhere, sometime, somedya you'll 
find them." 

Emily G. Horton 

Emily Meghan Howe 

Jessica Howe 

". . . The road goes on and on, down from 
the door where it began, now far ahead 
the road has gone, and I must follow if I 
can, pursuing it with weary feet, until it 
finds some larger way, where many paths 
and errands meet and whither then, I 
cannot say."-J.R.R Tolkien, Lord of the 


Aja J. Jackson 

Success is to be measured not so much 
by the position that one has reached in 
life, as by the obstacles which one has 
overcome while trying to succeed" 
-Brookerl Washington 

Rebekal L. Jackson 

Adalheid Jakub 

:, W 


1 iSils 

I* :::: """ .:, ^ 


111 'I:::.' 1 ! 




^ ^ ^ 

Esmerelda Jerez 

Sheliza N. Jiwani 

KimberlyA. Jones 

"VF you have something to say about life, 
you must also find a way of saying it 
clearly. " -Paul Strand 


Audrey E. Julicmo 

"The marvelous richness of human 
experience would lose something of 
rewarding joy if there were no limitations 
to overcome. The hilltop hour would not 
be half so wonderful if there were no dark 
valleys to traverse. " -Helen Keller 

Elaine Kastrenos 

Stephanie M. Kenney 

"Never confuse movement with action' 
-E. Hemingway 

"Fear is just excitment in need of an 
attitude adjustment. " -R. Quaglia 

Jessica Keyser 

Sophie Jeehyun Kim 

7 Corinthians 13:1-8,13 

Tanya Lacourse 



Julie Lambert 

"Dream as if you'll live forever, Live as if 
you'll die foday " -James Dean 
"Its not where you go or what you do, its 
who you take along with you, "-unknown 

Kristine Lassor 

"So Annie are you okay , . . are you okay 

Alicidia Leal 

Yim Hung Lee 

"No Day But Today" 

"525,600 minutes, how do you measure a 

year in the lifeT -RENT 

"Love each other or perish. " -Tuesdays 

with Morrie 

Janis Lo 

Jennifer Losey 


Cam Lu 

Kristine MacCully 

Lorna MacDonald 

Tara Madison 

Jacqueline Mann 

"In the long history of the world, only a few 
generations have been granted the role 
of defending freedom. I do not shrink 
from this responsibility - 1 welcome it. " 
-John F. Kennedy 

"I have learned that success is to be 
measured not so much by the position 
that one has reached in life as by the 
obstacles which he has overcome while 
trying to succeed. " -Booker l Washington 

Sana Masoud 


Raelene Mattor 

"No motter your color, no matter your 
talent, bloom where you are planted. ' 

Erin McCormick 

"Life is not a problem to be solved but an 
experience to be realized. " -Karen Homey 
"Gnothi seuton. " [Know theyself] -Socrates 


Ann Miller 


Amy Mitman 

Zafiria Mourelatos 

Kiesha Mungal 


Sara E. Munoz H. 

"Caminante, son tus huellas el camino y 
nada mas; Caminante, no hay camino, 
se hace camino al andar. Al andar se 
hace camino, al volver la pista atras se 
ve le senda que nunca se ha de volver a 
pisar. Caminante, no hay camino, sino 
estelas en el mar, " -Juan Manuel Serrat 

Deborah Munzing 

Whitney Elizabeth Murray 

Nichole Charlene Nagim 

"How far you go in life depends on you 
being tender with the young, 
compassionate with the aged, 
symapthetic with the strivingm and 
tolerant of the weak and strong. Because 
someday in life you will have been all of 
these." -George Washington Carver 

Manjula Nair 

"Why do today what you can put off until 

Nicole Nesi 


Love Nickerson 

Tomoko Noide 

Shelly M. Northrop 

Lori Ann Glidden O'Keeffe 

Maureen O'Neil 

Useoritselaju Ogedendbe 


Laura Mussette Ogilvie 

"The best and most beautiful things in this 
/vorld cannot be seen or even heard, but 
nust be felt with the heart. " -Helen Keller 

Emily Parkhurst 

Jessica Parr 

Maria Francesco Pazyra 

Tils life is yours. Take the power to 
choose what you want to do and love 
what you want in life. Most importantly, 
to/re the power to reach for your dreams. 

Nicole Pelfz 

Roxana Peters 


Anne Peterson 

Angela S. Politano 

Katherine Quible 

Tenisha Ramsay 

"We ain't what we should be, we ain't 
what we gonna be, but at least we ain't 
what we were, " 

Sara Ramsey 

Michelle Rathbone 


Daria Reagan 

Tiffany Reed 

Catherine Reynolds 

"Try not. Do or do not, There is no try 1 . 

Stephanie Lynn Rice 

Nork like you don't need the money, 
ove like you've never been hurt and 
'ance like nobody's watching. " 

Halle Aisha Richardson 

"Learn from the past, to enrich the 
present and build for the future. " -Sankofa 
"By culture and by merit. " 

Ruth A. Rodriguez T. 

"We come to the edge of all the light we 
have and we must take a step into the 
darkness of the unknown ... we must 
believe one of two things . . . Either we will 
find something firm to stand on, or we will 
be taught to fly. " -unknown 
"I can't remember all the times I tried to 
tell myself to hold on to these moments 
as they pass ..." -A Duritz 


Jennifer Rollins 

Jamie Russell 

Kaoru Sasaki 

Chloe Schak 

Cathryn Scott 

Mojisola Sekoni 


Laura Serafino 

Melissa Jeanine Silva 

"Everything happens for a reason!!!!' 

Erin Smith 

■ .;:«.. \ "'■-'■;: 

jfl M 






Jaye Smith 

Kylie Smith 

Akiko Someya 


Manorack Somviengxay 

Jennifer Sontag 

Katherine Southworth 

Alice Stein 

"It is only with the heart that one can see 
rightly. What is essential is invisible to the 
eye. " -Antoine de St. Exupery 

Sara Stender 

Nadine Althea Stephens 

"No man is an island, entire ot itself," - 
John Donne, Meditation XVII 


Jean Stuart 

Marsha Sullaway 

"Success is a journey . . . not a 
destination. " 

Kathlyn A. Sullivan 

Heidi Swierupski 

Mariah Sylvain 

Nora Tainton-Platts 


Cori Taitz 

Paula Tavares 

"You've come this far, don't think about 
going back." 

Latasha Taylor 

"7b whom much is given, much is 
required. " -Philippa Duke Schuyler 

Alice Beth Tierney 

"We all take different paths in life, but no 
matter where we go, we take a little of 
each other everywhere. " -Tim McGraw 

Caitlyn Tierney 

Va Titong 



Danielle Veroneau 

Amy Virgilio 

"The things you fear are undefeatable not 
by their nature, but by your approach. " 

Louise Michelle Vital 

"What we do is less than a drop in the 
ocean. But if that drop were missing, the 
ocean would lack something. " -Mother 

Christina R. Vouthounes 

Colleen E. Walther 

"Persistence and determination alone are 
omnipotent. " 


Jamie M. Webber 

Amy Whelan 

"Fortune favors the brave. " -BVS 

Cindy K. Wong 

Heather A. Wood 

Giovanna Elizabeth Zaffina 

"Dreams can be a reality. " 


Amana AbdelJaber 

Worcester. MA- Notre Dame Academy 


Major: Communication & Art Minor: 

Graphic Design 

Simmons Voice-Assistant Editor 99-00 

•Muslim Student Association Treasurer 99- 


Ode to the rodents and nuts-how do I 
love thee!! From kahwa to Camera 
what shall it be? Dancing in the streets- 

j matrix style. Charlie's Angels. Yahooo 
Jooooddi! Cardboard drooling to sing 

J; alongs— Thanks MOM, Emaa Airman, 
Ahmed, Khaly M. & Raffi for your 
support!!! Proud American-Palestinian 
Muslim! Negativity has made me more 
positive! Slam Out!!! 

Grace Abdelnour 

Connecticut- The Williams School, 1996 
Major: International Relation, Arab 
' World Studies Minor: Economics 

To all the special people in my life, 
; thanks for your support and love. Mom, 

I'll always be grateful for the 
J opportunities you've given me. I love 


Elisabeth Aiello 

Dedham, MA- Dedham High School 


Major: Physical Therapy, Minor: Biology 

and Psychology 

Honors Review Committee 97-98, 
| Physical Therapy Curriculum Committee 
; 99, tutor 97-98, Simmons College 

Ambassador 97-98 

| Thanks to those who've cared. 

Jehan Ahmed Al-khaja 

Bahrain-lbn khuldoon national school 

(ikns) 1996 

Major: Finance, Minor: Marketing 

"Not every end is the goal. The end of a 
melody is not it's goal; and yet: as long 
as the melody has not reacher it's end, 
it also hasn't reached it's goal. A 
parable. "-Friedrich Nietzsche "Love is 
like playing the piano, first you must 
learn to play by the rules, than you must 
forget the rules and play from your 

Family I love each one of you, I don't 
know how I can repay you for all the 
love and support you gave me. I hope 
your proud of me. Friend, each one of 
you has a special place in my heart, 
you will all be remembered by different 
occassions. Saudi roommates, I had the 
best time of my life with you guys, I love 
you guys, I'll miss you so much, see you 
in bahrian inshalla. 

Nofa Khalid Al-Zayani 

Bahrain-Bahrain School 1996 
Major: Public Relations, Marketing 
Communications, Minor: Art 
Arab Student Organization 99-00 

Mom, Dad, Nawaf, Malka and Dodey: 
Thank you for you undying love and 
support, I wouldn't be here if it wasn't 
for you! MF: You have been my 
inspiration, 143 CS: Call me in 10 years 
when I have money! 

Fatma Khalifa Al-Maskiry 

Sultanate of Oman-Sultans School 1996 
Major: Management Information 
Systems Minor: Marketing, Art 
International Student Association 96-98- 
VP, Model United Nations 99, Arab 
Student Association 96, 99, Leadership 
Retreat 97 

Thanks to both my parents Shamsa Al- 
Lamki and Khalifa Al-Maskiry for all their 
love and support ALWAYS Lots of love 
and kisses fifi. 

Ramsey Alwin 

Kennebunkport, ME- Kennebunk HS 


Major: Education, Sociology 

Debate team 4 yrs, TR, RA-2 yrs, Showa 

College Connector Ambassador 2 yrs. 

Lisa Angiolilli 

Stoneham, MA- Stoneham High School 


Major: International Relations, Minor: 

Economics and French 

Katherine M. Arbo 

Tolland, CN-Tolland HS 1996 

Major: Psychology, Minor: Elementary 


Crew 96-97, Psychology Liaison 97-00, 


"Great minds must be ready not only to 
take opportunities, but to make them."- 
Charles Colton Thank you to Mom, Dad, 
Mickey and Dotty . . I could never have 
done ti without all of your love and 
support!! Thank you for giving me the 
opportunity to accomplish my dreams. 
Good luck to you, too, Jenny-you're 
next! I love you all . . . 

Rebecca Averill 

Beverly, MA-Beverly HS 1994 
Umass Amherst 1995 
Major: Nutrition 
Nutrition Liaison Pres 98-00 

"Love the ones you're with." 

Liliana M. Avila 

Roslindale MA-Lincoln Sudbury 1994 

Major: Sociology/ African American 


Simmons Community Outreach 96-97 

Sana Shoaib Ayubi 

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia-Phillips Academy 


Major: Economics/Political Science, 

Minor: Philosophy 

Simmons Community Outreach 97-98, 

International Club 97-00, Model Arab 

League 98-99, Economics Liaison 99-00, 

Muslim Student Association 99-00, 

Microcosm 99-00, Academy 99-00 

I would like to thank parents brothers 
and sisters for encouraging me to do 
better. I will miss all my Professore who 
were excellent. I will miss those Simmons 
student who I bonded with on several 
occasions. God was there every step of 
the way when I needed his guidance 
most. Finally, I want to say THANK YOU 
SIMMONS COLLEGE for all the 

Kimberly Lynn Bacon 

Lexington MA-Lexington HS 1996 
Major: Physical Therapy 
Treasurer of Arnold Hall 97-98, Treasurer 
of Class 2000 98-99 

I would like to thank my friends for 
making these past four years some of 
the most memorable years of my life. 
Thanks for both the fun times and for 
helping me got through the harder 
times. Mom, Dad, Vicky and Suzanne- 
Thank you for all of your support over 
these last several years. 

Dara Beach 

Belfast ME-Belfast Area HS 1996 
Major: History and Education 
RA 98-00, Summer RA 98, Senior Summer 
RA 99, EMERGE leadership program 98, 
Reading tutor for Read Boston 98, 
History Liaison 98-00, Simmons 
Centennial Project 98-00 

Thank you to my family and Nathan for 
being so supportive of me over the past 
four years. I love you all very much. 

Abby Christina Bent 

Chester NH-Pinkerton Academy 1 996 

Major: Dietetics 

Hall Council 98-00, Nutrition Liaison 98- 


Alyssa Grace Bishop 

Newcastle, ME-Lincoln Academy 1996 
Major: Art 

"I think over again my small adventures. 
My fears, these small ones that seemed 
so big. For all the vital things I had to go 
and to reach. And yet there is only one 
great things, the only thing. To live to 
see the great day that dawns and the 
light that fills the world. "-Old Inuit Song 

Thanks and love to my parents and to 
Jesse for giving me unconditional 

support in Tougn Times ana Tor 
celebrating with me life's joys. 

Laurie Jeanne Bittmann 

Derby, CT-Derby High School 1996 
Major: Psycho-Biology 
Simmons Chorale 96-00 VP 98-00, 
Psycho-Biology Liaison 97-00 Pres. 98-00, 
Orientation Leader 98 

To my Mom, Dad, Shawn and family: 
thank you for always believing in me 
and for stadning behind me as I 
reached for my dreams ... I would not 
be here without you. 

Evangeline B. Bradley 

Ossipee, NH-Kingswood Regional High 
School 1996 

Major: Nursing, Minor: Biology 
Cross-Country running team, Student 
Athlets Council, Simmons College 
Phone Program, Sigma Theta Twu, 
International Honor Society for Nursing 

A very special thank you to Mom, Dad, 
Glen, Gwen, Samantha and Tracey for 
all your love, support and 
encouragement. I couldn't have done 
it without you! 

Sharise Michelle Brown 

Washington D.C.-Wilson Sr. High School 


Major: Communications, Minor: 


Diving Team 96-98, Student 

Government VP 97-99, Pres 99-00, 

Active Member in the Black Student 

Organization 96-00, Catholic Student 

Association 99-00 

I would like to dedicate all of my 
successes to my loving supportive 
family and the Simmons women who 
changed my life. They all know who 
they are. 

Monika Ewa Buczyk 

Szczecin, Poland-Scarborough High 

School 1994 

Major: Management/Retail, Minor: 


Phi Theta Kappa, National Honors 

Organization, Simmons College Transfer 

Student Liaison 

I would like to thank my Mom and Dad 
for being there throughout the years. I 
love you both very much. I know that 
we're all living in a future that's very 
different than we imagined it to be but 
let's make the most of the time we 
have left. Thank you for all your love 
and support. Kocham cie, Moni. 

Virginia Bunting 

Birmingham, Alabama-The Altamont 


Hollins College 96-97 

Majors: tiemenTary baucaTion ana 
Society and Health 

Angela Burke 

Bristol. CN- Bristol Eastern High School 

Major: English and Education 
President Simmons College English 
Liaison 97-99, Volunteer Mary Curley 
Middle School; Who's Who- College 
and Universities 98-00; Fullbright Scholar 
Nominee, Simmons College Academy, 
Simmons College Bratton Award for 
Languages and Literature, National 
Dean's List 96-99; Modern Language 

Many, Many thanks to the fantastic 
faculty, staff and students here, and 
especially to the English Department. 
Love and thanks to Mom, Dad, Em, 
Bruce my grandparents Brian and of 
course, "the girls." 

Sarada Bernstein 

Major: Socitey in Health; Philosophy 

Kimberly Campbell 

Cliffside Park, NJ-Academy of the Holy 

Angels 1996 

Major: Biology 

President Student Alumnae Association 


MP, SF, MV, KY, GM-Living in separate 
states does not mean living separate 
lives. There are too many memories to 
ever be forgotten. Good Luck always 
and may all your dreams come true. 
MP-The memories we have made will 
keep me laughing always! Our 
friendship is too important to let 
distance affect it. I know that we will be 
friends forever. We've come too far to 
turn back now. To the Alumnae/i office- 
working with you has been an amazing 
and definitely unforgettable 
experience. Always remember thet 
"One persons trash is another persons 
treasure!" See you at Reunion. To all my 
family-Thank you for your unconditional 
love through everything. I love all of 

Joy Cancellieri 

Uncasville, CT- Montville High School 


Major: Nursing, Minor: Biology 

Varsity Crew-96, 99-00, Varsity Soccer 

97-98, Varsity Softball 98, Smith hall 

Council VP 97-98, Athlete's Council 99- 


Susana M. Chan 

Boston, MA-John D. O'Bryant 1996 
Major: Computer Science and Spanish 
Asian Students Association 96-00, Math 
and CS Liaison 96-00 

A million thanks to my family ana friends 
for their love and support. 

Kara Chauvet 

Port-au-Prince, Haiti-Sainte Rosa De 

Lima 1995 

Major: Management 

International Student Organization 95-97 

"Love the Life you Live, live the life you 


Thank you mom and dad for all your 
love and support, sometimes I've been 
very impossible to deal it, but guys 
never gave up on mu and always 
believe in me. I love you so much. To 
Mika you are the best little brother 
anyone could ask for, wish you lots of 
love and success. To Jean-Max, 
although we fight a lot, you are an 
awesome brother and I will always be 
there for you. To Nanine, manma Tiva 
and papi Georges I love you. To Gina, 
Stephany, Anick Sylvie. Noaf, Titi, 
Xiomara, you guys are the best friedns I 
have always wanted. Edy. Ti Roland & 
Steph, thank you for being my 
confidants. To my little cousins follow my 
good example. To my family and 
friends thank you for your love. To 
Boston, shopping and clubbing have 
been a lifetime experience. I'll be back, 

Abigail Starbuck Coffin 

Marion, MA-Old Rochester Regional 


Major: Nursing Minor: Psychology 

VP Mesick Hall 98-99 

To, MH, AB, KG, GD, JR, EH, KY, RS, KP, 
EK, KD; live full of happiness and love, to 
liz her own plane and clear skies, to 
Charlies a happy and successful 
college career, to my parents all my 
love and thanks. To JR and GD, a good 
man. To all, thanks for all of the good 
times and love. I will miss you. 

Alicia Cook 

East Greenwich, Rl-Rocky Hill School 
Major: Comm-Public Relations/ 
Marketing Communications Minor: 
Political Science 

Simmons College Republicans-Founder 
96-00, Mass Alliance of College 
Republicans 1st Vice Chair 99-00, 
Arnold hall Social Chair 96-98, Emerge 
97, Admissions Volunteer 96-00, 
Women's Legacy Weekend 99, PRSSA 
VP of Publicity 99-00, Simmons Voice 96- 
00, Catholic Student Association 96-99 

I would like to thank the Simmons 
College Republicans. I have made such 
incredible friends both here at Simmons 
and elsewhere. I have had the most 
extraordinary experiences and 
opportunities because of the 
organization and I will miss it and 


everyone dearly, thanks to all of the 
wonderful friends I have made at 
Simmons College. It's been a crazy ride 
I can't believe it is over, but really the 
ride has just begun. Watch out world 
here we come! Mom, Thank you for 
everything. You have always believed 
and encouraged me. As I end one 
journey I begin another and I know I 
have you love and support, which is the 
greatest gift of all. 

Gina DiSanzo 

Bedford, MA- Bedford High School 1996 
Major: Physical Therapy Minor: Biology 
Mesick Hall Council 3rd floor REP 97-98, 
President Mesick Hall 98-99 

To my parents Lisa and Tony, my brother 
David, and my sister Juliana: Thank you 
for always supporting me and being 
there for me in every way possible. I 
love you so much 

Elizabeth Doherty 

North Andover MA, North Andover High 

School 1996 

Major: Communications 

Dad-Remember the most ferocious 
storm renders the brightest rainbow. 
Thank you for everything. You are the 
best. I love you with all of my heart! 

Heather Marie Douglas 

Richmond, Va- Stuart Hall 1996 
Major: Public Relations and Marketing 
Communications Minor: History 
PRSSA 99-00 

Robin Drysdale 

Carver, MA-Carver High School 1996 

Major: Communications Minor: Studio 


Simmons Community Outreach 96-00, 

Microcosm 98-99 

Thanks Mom, Dad, and Lindsey, my 
three best friends. No matter where I 
go, you'll always be in my heart and on 
my mind. I love you! 

Marta M. Dziewulska 

Morristown, NJ-Morristown High School 


Major: Physical Therapy, Music 

Jennifer Marie Ewing 

Lisbon Falls, ME- Lisbon High School 1996 
Major: Retail Management 
Orientation Leader 99, Volunterr in 
Admissions 96-00, Class of 2000 
President 99-00 

To my family-Thanks for all the support 
and encouragement. I love you, To my 
sister: Good Luck in your next 3 years. I 
kow you can do it. To Susan Sampson: 
your constant support and 
encouragement helped me to get 

where I am today. Thank you from the 
bottom of my heart. Keep your eyes 
open for Jen-Mart! 

Sheri Ann Felix 

Boston. MA- Trinity Catholic High School 


Major: Sociology Minor: Elementary 


Black Student Organization 96-00, SGA 

Rep 96-97, Social Chair 97-98 VP, Pres. 

Caribean Cluture Association 97-00, 

Student Government 96-97, Student 

Alumnae Association 99-00, North Hall 

Council Pres 99-00, Orientation Leader 


Mommy, I love you, thanks for 
everything especially your support. To 
Sandy and Angie I love you guys with 
all my heart. Thanks for being positive 
examples for me. You guys are not only 
my sisters but two of my best friends. 
Michelle, girl we have shared half of our 
lives together and many more years to 
come. I love you always. To all my 
friends thanks for all the support! I'll 
never forget you guys! 

Carly Beth Gartman 

Rockaway, NJ-Morris Knolls High School 


Major: Public Relations and Marketing 

Communications Minor: Arts 


Hillel 96-00 Pres, Social Chair, The 

Simmons Voice 98-99, Mesick Hall 

Council 96-98 Secretary, Public 

Relations Student Society of America 

PRSSA 99-00 VP Founding Member. 

As I leave this place that has given me 
so much, I think of those who have 
helped me through. Mom, Dad, Sara, 
and Lev, I thank God every day for you. 
Micah, I will always love you. thanks to 
Avery, Jenni, everyone at AEPI 
especially the "girlfriends," Hillele, my 
professors/mentor in the 
Communications and Art departments, 
my new best friends on 4th floor South 
and Professor Wollman who said to me 
freshmen year, "Gartman, what do YOU 
want to do with YOUR life?" Thank you 
all for walking with me through this 
joureny, and for standing behind me as 
I begin a new one. 

Karen Elaine Gaspar 

Mattapoisett, MA-Old Rochester 
Regional High School 1996 
Major: Psychology 
Outing Club 96-98 

Always go out with a smile 

Bethany J. Geiger 

Stoughton, MA-Stoughton High School 


Major: Managerial Finance Minor: 


Resident Advisor 98-00, Swim Team 97- 

98, Judicial Board 97-98 

Leslie Glimore Gilliam 

Phippsburg, ME-Morse High School 1996 
Major: Finance Minor: Economics 
College Republicans 96-00, 
Management Liaison 99-00, Student 
Ambassador 99, Male tribute Weekend 
Chairwoman 00, University of Wales 
(studied abroad) 98. 

I made so many goof friendships and 
have so many good times here with all 
my Simmons Girls. I wish you all the best, 
achieve your goals and live life to its 
fullest. Mom, and Dad: Thank you for 
being a best friend to me, encouraging 
and supporting me to work hard . . . 
S.C.A.Y, now and forever Cha-dig? 

Keiley Gillis 

Middleboro, MA-Middleboro High 

School 1996 

Major: Nutrition 

Mater's Swim 96, Field Hockey 97-98, 

Children's Hospital volunteer 99-00, 

American Cancer Society volunteer 98- 


Debt Happens! 

Jadine N. Greenaway 

Montserrat, West Indies-Charlestown 

High 1996 

Major: Communications Minor: 


Carribean Culture Association 97-00 

Pres., Dance Club 96-97 Treasurer, Black 

Student Organization 97-98 Secretary. 

To my mother, stepfather and 
ancestors: I thank you for making me a 
strong West Indian woman and for 
giving me the power to succeed! 

Varina S. Gunn 

Newport, Rl-Rogers High School 1996 
Major: Nutrition and Food Science 
Class Officer, Black Student 
Organization 96-00, Campus Crusade 
for Christ 96-99, Alpha Kappa Alpha 
Sorority 98-00 


Rachel Haase 

Burlington, VT-Burlington High School 


University of Vermont 95-96 

Majors: Computer Science and 


Economics Liaison 97-99, President 98- 

99, Sailing Team 97 

Madeline Jean Hall 

Elmira, NY-Elmira Southside High School 


Major: Early Education and Psychology 


Cross Country 96, Athletic Council 96- 
97, Mesick Hall Council 97-00 Secretary. 

Thanks Mom, Dad, Brett Jason and my 
Simmons Friends for making the past 
four years so memorable. 

Heather Denise Hancock 

Nottingham, NH- Winnocunnet High 

School 1996 

Major: Physical Therapy, Minor: Biology, 


Arnaol Hall Council 96-97 Pres. 97-98, 

Soccer Manager 96, Sirens 97-98, 

Orientation Leader 97, RA 98-00, Showa 


Calling all Angels ... I love you' and I will 
miss you dearly! To the PT gals: Would 
you like fries with that? To my mom, 
dad, and brother: you have been my 
strength, courage, love, and support. I 
wouldn't have made it through the past 
4 years without you! Thank you for all 
your patience and for making me laugh 
when I needed it most. I love you! 

Shanti Heffern 

Falls Church, VA- Edmund Burke School 

Major: English, Minor: Special Needs 


Soccer 95, Peer Educator 95-96, Swim 

Team 95-99, LBA/SGA 

Julie Anne Hill 

Chester, VT- Green Mountain Union 
High School 1996 
Major: Nursing, Minor: Psychology 
Campmus Crusade for Christ 96-99 Pres. 
99-00, Orientation Leader 98-99, 
Graduation Volunteer 98-00 

I would like to thank my family for their 
support through these four years at 
Simmons College. I would also like to 
say good-bye to the girls in CCC and 
wish them well in the events they plan 
for the coming years. I will miss all of 

Tamothy E. Holden 

Winthrop, ME- Winthrop High School 


Major: Psychology, Minor: Biology 

Simmons Community Outreach- Health 

Coordinator 97, National Honor Society 

for Psychology and Academy. 

Simmons-Thanks for letting me be 
myself-Karen-The backpacking trip 
awaits us-and Mere-You are my 
support, laughter, best friend and sister. 

Monique Holley 

Bostin, MA- Lexington High School 1996 
Major: Psychology, Minor: Management 

To the Registrar's Office staff of 1997 . . . 
thank you for being my backbone at 
times . . . you not only watched, but you 

also helped me grow. Mom, Nana, 
Dad, Father, Guy and B.J.-Thank you all 
for believing in me-l wouldn't have 
made it without your support. Mom and 
Nana, you two have had the biggest 
impact on my life these past four years- 
words can't express how much you two 
mean to me ... I love you. To all of my 
family on the West Coast, I love you 
guys too. Kiette, I wish you were here, 
we all love and miss you. 

Beth Helen Hopgood 

Hanover, MA- Hanover High School 


Major: Biology and Education 

Biology Liaison 97, Psycho-Biology 

Liaison 98-00 

My years at Simmons have been 
excellent! But as our time has come to 
an end, I would like to wish the class of 
2000 the best of luck with their future 
endeavors. I would also like to thank my 
family and friends for all their generous 
love and support. Warmest wishes, Beth. 

Heather Ann Hopgood 

Hanover, MA- Hanover High School 


Major: Biology and Education 

Biology Liaison 97, Psycho-Biology 

Liaison 99-00 Secretary. 

I want to thank my family for making all 
my dreams come true, without them 
none of this would have been possible. 
The past four years, at Simmons 
College, have been the best years of 
my life and I am looking forward for 
many more to come. Heather. 

Jessica Howe 

Lynn, MA- Woodstock Academy 1996 

Major: Sociology of Health 

LBTAA 99-00, Mulit Faith Coalition 98-00 


Okay, people, I am finally leaving the 
computer lab-darnit, I'm gonna miss 
that place! Hugs to the IT department 
from one of the three Musketeers: . . . 
Bartol Hall (nuff said) . . all of those 
nights up until who knows when . . 
Summer of 99 (Star Wars every ten 
minutes) . . . The three AM face . . . the 
Spanish class from Hell (and the prequel 
to that: I think I'm scarred for life, dude!) 
... to Erin and Erin, my dream gurus, a 
bug thank you (someday I have to visit 
both of you again) ... to C, thanks for 
spcae in the Broomcloset *G* . . to Kitt, 
for analzying Muppets and spedning 
hour at Triden (my third home after the 
lab *G*) . . endless trips to Salem 
(especially that infamous one: you too 
can see five towns in only two hours, 
including Wenham, theo hot sopt on 
the North Shore!) . . Neener and the 
birthday dinner-movie night, Freshmen 

year . . (not to mention movie night 
senior year!) . . Forbes, I'm gonna find 
out his sign by graduation, I promise *G* 
. . Lil'E: good luck with your stomach 
and the FBI! . . . Well, I'm off. goodbye 
to all and sundry: I dunno where I'm 
going, I don't know how to get there, 
but I'll see you in the library someday! 

Aja J. Jackson 

Boston, MA- Cathedral High School 


Major: Sociology 

Sister of Commuter Relations, Black 

Student Organization 97-98; Carribean 

Culture Association 97-98, Treasurer of 

Student Government Association 98-00, 

Judicial Board Prepresentatives 98-00, 

Sister of Little black book, Black Student 

Organization 99-00 

To my family, Thank you for all of your 
support through these four years! This is 
one of my biggest accomplishments 
yet and it is dedicated to my mother, 
Alana M. Jackson, Nana, Marlene 
Stephens and my twin Jasmine K. 
Jackson. I love you and will continue to 
make you proud of me! To all of my 
sistahs who have been there through 
the good and the bad, stay strong and 
never give up on you dreams. I love 

Adalheid Jakub 

Hingham, MA 

Major: Dietetics, Minor: Psychology 

Ammbassador, Senior Interviewer 

Sheliza N. Jiwani 

Nairobi, Kenya- Hillcrest Secondary 
School 1995 

Mt. Ida College, May 1994-1996 
Major: Society and Health & Human 
Services, Minor: Nutrition 
Nutrition Liaison 

I have really enjoyed my experience at 
Simmons College. 

Kimberly A. Jones 

Scarborough, ME- Scarborough High 

School 1996 

Quinnipiac College 

Major: Public Relations and Marketing 

Communications Minor: Graphics 


South Hall Council Pres. 98-99, Mr. 

Simmons Committee, Chair 99, Transfer 

Liaison Treasurer 97-98 VP 98-99, 

Admissions Ambassador 98-99, South 

Hall Social Chair 98, Volunteer in 

Admissions 97-98, Mother Caroline's 

Peer Helpers Spring 97 

Simmons has been my home away from 
home. I couldn't have asked for a 
better four years! Thank you Mom, Dad, 
Steph, and Kathleen-for showing me 
the way. A very special thanks to all of 


my fabulous friends in South. Life 
doesn't get much better then this! 

Audrey E. Juliano 

Sudbury, MA-Lincoln Sudbury Regional 

High School 1996 

Wheaton College 96-98 

Major: English Literature Minor: 


Sharks Softball 99, Vice President PRSSA 

chapter 99 

Mom and Dad, thank you for always 
reminding me of my potentil and never 
letting me lose faith in my self, or sight 
of my dreams. 

Elaine Kastrenos 

Foxboro, MA- Foxborough High School 


Major: Nutrition 

Stephanie M. Kenney 

Gardner, MA- Quabbin Regional High 
School 1995 
Russell Sage College 
Major: Nursing 

Class Rep, Nursing Liaison, Crew Team - 
97-98, VP Nursing Liasion Boston region 
Director, MaSNA Betsy's Friends - 98-99, 
State Delegate, NSNA House of 
Delegates, Pres. of Nursing Liaison, 2nd 
vice Pres. MaSNA Safer Sex Peer 
Educator, Nursing Pinning Committee, 
Senior Class Gift Committee 

Jessie darlin' I do not have a Southern 
Accent!! Y'all're nuts. Vocal with Lara! 
Buick hubaps! HOODIums. My God, she 
has a voice! I'm so good . . . Kravitz at 
The Centrum. We were like Buttah! 
Atlantic parties. Don't talk about 
Pittsburgh, I know where you live! 
Payback, Jess, payback . . . Moe: Ding! 
Ding! What Budweiser?! Rumple Minze? 
I still can't handle it!! NCLEX . . . arrrgh! 
Erin: I need a Romberg! Where's my 
bunny? Betty: What's next West point? 
Well ladies, this is it, WE MADE IT!!! Just 
remember, "We never really grow up, 
we only learn how to act in public. "-B. 
White Finally, Mom, and Dad, thanks for 
your support. I couldn't have done it 
without you! 

Sophia Jeehyun Kim 

Lexington, MA- Wilmington High School 


Major: Elemtary Education and 


Simmons Ambassador 98-99; Asian 

Students Association: president 97-98; 

Campus Crusade for Christ: Bablie Std = 

udy Leader 99-00; Education Liaison: 

Vice President 99-00, Treasurer 98-99; 

International Students Orientation 

Leader 97; Dean's List 

Julie Lambert 

Newton. MA 

Major" Biology Minor: Chemistry. 

"We are often so caught up in our 
destination that we forget to 
appreciate the journey, especially the 
goodness of the people we meet along 
the way." -Unknown. MC. JK. KL. JS, ES, 
MP, AJ; I will never forget you guys. 

Kristine Lassor 

Major" Biology, Minor: Chemistry 

Yim Hung Lee 

Qunicy, MA- North Quincy High SCHool 

Major: Philosophy, Sociology, Human 


Asian Students Association 97-00, 

Commuter Student Advisor 98-00, 

International Student Orientation 

Leader 98-99 

Fighting for a cause, helping, lectures, 
discussions, classmates, Chinatown, 
potluck, food, Brown Sugar, chats, 
parties, dances, karaoke, coffees, 
commuting, Hospitality Night, Culture 
Shock . . . Overwhelmed! I know too 
much. I thank my professors for all the 
knowledge I have gained. I 
experienced so much. I thank my 
advisors for showing me opportunities. I 
thank my dear friends who came into 
my life and do what friends do. I thank 
my family for everything, It's finally 2000. 

Jacqeline Mann 

Brockton, MA- Brockton High School 


Major: Physical Therapy, Minor: Biology 

Varsity Women's Voleyball team tri- 

captain 96-00, Hall Council Secretary 


Mom, Dad, Stacey and Jay-thanks for 
you love, support, and always 
encouraging me to reach for the stars. 
Dr. owen, for you amazing ability to 
enhance learning and love for science. 
And most important, my girlfriends. The 
times we've shared together are 
priceless, the memories will never leave 
my heart Simmon College is only the 
beginning: we have a world ahead of 
us to conquer. Good luck in all of you 
rendeavors. I know years from now we 
will look back and laugh at how fast 
time flew. I love you all very much. 

Raelene Mattor 

Rumford, ME-Mountain Valley High 

School 1996 

Major: Public Relations and Marketing 

Communications, Minor: Graphic 

Design Emphasis: Advertising and 


Erin McCormick 

Carlisle, MA- Gould Academy, Bethel, 
ME 1996 

Bentley College 96-98 
Major: Education, Psychology 
Outing Club 98- VP, Softball 98 

"Education is not the filling of a pail, but 
the lighting of a fire"-Wm, Butler Yeats 

"The most incomprehensible thing 
about the world is that it is all 
comprehensible. "-Albert Einstein 

Gina Miano 

Duxbury, MA-Duxbury High School 1996 
Syracuse University 96-97 
Major: Nursing 

"if my life were a movie, I would light a 
cigarette and the smoke would curl 
around my face and everything I do 
would be interesting, But I always feel I 
have to take a stand and there's 
always someone on hand hating me for 
standing there. I always feel I have to 
open my mouth nd every time I do I 
offend someone somewhere, And I 
think what if no one's watching? What if 
one were dead? We are just dead. 
What if there's no time to loose, what if 
there's things we gotta do, thing that 
need to be said? I can't apologize for 
everything I know. You don't have to 
agree with me, but once you get me 
going you'd better just let me go. We 
have to be able to criticise what we 
love, say what we have to say and if 
you're not trying to make something 
better than as far as I can tell you are 
just in the way." Ani Defranco-Thank 
you to my family and friends, you know 
who you are, I love you always, 

Sara E. Munoz H. 

Guayaquil, Ecuador- Marcel Laniado 
deWind 1995 

Major: Communications and 
International Relations, Minor: Spanish 
Academy, Who's Who 99-00, Swim 
Team 97-00, Resident Advisor 98-00, The 
Simmons Voice 99-00, Cordoba 99, 
CCP-Showa 99, OLA 97-98, Comm 
Media TA 97-98 

De chiquita esto solo fue un sueno. Mis 
padres tenian razon: en esta vida, todo 
es posible. Millon gracias a todos 
aquellos que de una manera u otra 
han sino parte de mi vida. Mom, Dad, 
Chela, Andres, Rebeca . . . this is for 

you! Thanks to all Los quiero 


Deborah Munzig 

Danvers, MA- Danvers High School 1 996 
Major: Psychology, Minor: Accounting 
Soccer 1-3 Captain 4, Psi Chi 

Whitney Elizabeth Murray 

Falmouth, MA- Americaqn International 

School in Israel 1996 

Major: Public Relations and Marketing 


Communications Minor: Political 


Publicity Representative for Arnold Hall 


"To all my dudes that just got out of 


"To all my sexy mamas, I love you." 

"I love you and will miss you. Take care, 

have fun and keep in touch." 

Nichole Charlene Nagim 

Mattapan, MA- St. Clare High School 


Major: Education & Sociology Minor: 

Human Service 

Black Student Organization 98-00 

Mom and Dad I love you both, you 
have been my guardian angels that 
have given me the encoutagemtnet 
and the positive attitude to never give 
up. This has been a long journet but WE 
did it! Niaja, you have been the 
motivation that has kept me going and 
this is all for you. Ron my love, thank you 
for always being by my side. To the rest 
of my family and friends it's not over. 
Professor Chandler, London, Taylor and 
Thompson thank you for always 
believing in me. 

Manjula Nair 

Brooklyn, NY-Stuyvesant High School 


Major: Education, Math and Spanish 

Asian Student Association 98-00 VP 98- 

00, Math and CS Liaison 98-00, 

International Students Association 99-00, 

Simmons Ambassador 97-99 

Thank you to everyone who has inspired 
and motivated me-I've found my voice. 

Nicole Nesi 

New York 

Major: English, Minor: Women Studies 

Tomoko Noide 

Saitama, Japan-Toshimagaoka 
Joshigakuen Senior High School, Tokyo 

Major: Communications/East Asian 
Studies, Minor: English 
The Simmons Voice 98-99-Managing 
Editor, , in'site@simmons 
( Editor-in- 
Chief 99 

Shelly M. Northrop 

Saco, ME- Massabesic High School 1996 

Major: Mathematics 

Math/ CS Liaison Treasurer 98-00 

Laura Mussette Ogilvie 

Shelburne, VT- Champlain Valley Union 

High School 1996 

Major: Physical Therapy, Minor: Biology 

Thank you Mom, Dad, Graham, and 

uarren or you love ana support over 
the years. To all my wonderful friends, 
thank you for all the laughter and fun, 
as well as for your support when times 
got tough. You all have given me many 
cherished memories that I will take with 
me always. 

Emily Parkhurst 

South Hadley- MA- South Hadley High 
School 1996 

Major: International Relations, East 
Asian Studies, Minor: Economics 
Volunteer in Admissions 96-00, 
Ambassador 97-00, Novice Crew Rower 
96, Varsity Crew 97, BACCHUS Public 
Relations Officer 96-VP 97, EMERGE 
Leaders of the Furture 96, E=MC A 2 
Experienced Leaders 97, Quadside 
Cafe Committee 97, Campus Activities 
board member 97, SGA Rep and 
Coffeehouse Co-Chair 98, Movie Chair 
99-00, Orientation Leader 97-00, Showa 
College Connector 98, Asian Student 
Association, Senator 98-00, Simmons 
Campus Girl Scout Troop, President and 
Co-Creator 99-00, Educating Women 
for the 21st Century Centennial 
Symposium Student Coordinator Dean's 
List, Who's Who-American Universities 

Simmons College had impacted my life 
fully, the people I have met and the 
experiences I have appreciated are 
but a small aspect of my time at 
Simmons, which I will hold close to me 
heart for always. 

Maria Francesco Pazyra 

Revere, MA-Revere High School 1996 
Major: Biology, Minor: Psychology 
VP Student Alumni Association 99, 
Basketball Team 98 

KC, SF, MV, KY, GM, BH, HH, JL-friends 
always. Gina-burongiorno princepessa- 
want a germ? Kim-A person is only 
complete when she had a true friend to 
understand her to share all her passions 
and sorrows with and to stand by her 
throughout her life, thank you for being 
not only my best friend but being the 
sister I never had. 

Angela S. Politano 

Arlington, MA- Alrington High School 


Assumption College 96-97 

Major: Society and Health, Ninor: 


Tenisha Ramsay 

Part of Black Student Organization, Past 
sister of Education, Sister of Commuter 
Relations, Sister of Alumnae Relations, 
Member of National Society of Black 

I can't believe that four years have flew 

by so quickly. I remember being a 
freshman, trying to meet all types of 
new and different people, going out to 
parties all the time to a woman who 
has grown in her own. I would like to first 
give a shout out to Gio Gio and my cuz 
Tara. I love you both. Good luck Sheri, 
Michelle and Halle on all of your 
endeavors. I am so glad that we have 
become good friends, Tasha. Hopefully, 
we will also become roommates, thank 
you mom for everything and I love you. 
Craigy, thank you so much for all of 
your love and constant support. We are 
out ladies. Love you alll-Tee 

Catherine Reynolds 

Texas, 'Arkansas, Tennessee, Maine 

University Of Central Arkansas 96-97, WIT 


Major: Arts Administration, Minor: 


MICROCOSM Photographic Editor 99-00 

Listen to your instincts and you will never 
go wrong. 

Stephani Lynn Rice 

Madison, CT- Daniel Hand 1996 
Major: Management and Marketing, 
Minor: Women in Leadership 
Campus Activities Board 98-00 

Halle Aisha Richardson 

Beachwood, OH-Beachwood High 

School 1996 

Major: Biology, Minor: Chemistry, 

Society and Health 

Black Student Organization 96-00, Social 

Chair 96-98, Treasurer 98-99; Student 

Government Residence Campus 

Representative 97; Alpha Kappa Alpha 

Sorority, Incorporated Epsilon Chapter 

98-00, Epistoleus 

To my family and friends, I appreciate 
all the times you have supported me 
during this journey. To my Sorors - 
Skeeeeee Weeeee. 

Ruth A. Rodriguez T. 

Miami, FL-British International School, 
Jakarta, Indonesia 
Major: Communications 
Organizacion Latina Americana (OLA) 
97-00, Pres. 99-00, Catholic Student 
Association 97-00, Pres. 98-00; Simmons 
Voice 97-00, assistant editor 97-99, 
feature editor 99-00 

A special thank you to my family for 
their love and support. To my friends 
that I have made here, your worth is 
beyond words. To my advisor Vaughn 
Sills for your guidance and 
understanding. To all my professors for 
their knowledge. What I take with me as 
I go is the beauty of my experience all it 
has shown about mysef and the world. 


Kaoru Sasaki 

Tokyo, Japan 

Chuo University 97-98 

Major: Communications 

Asian Student Association 98-99, 

Compunications Department Liaison, 

99-00, Simmons Chpater of Public 

Relations Student Society of America 


Melissa Jeanine Silva 

Wareham, MA-Wareham High School 


Major: Societies and Healthm Minor: 

Women in Leadership 

Black Student Organization 96-00, 

resident Advisor 98-99, Gospel Choir 98- 

99, Debate Team 98, Culture Fest 

Committee 97, Basketball Team 96-97, 

Volunteer in Admissions Office 96 

You alone can not change the world 
but if you help one person, it will make 
a worlds of difference. I dedicate my 
success to God, my guardian angels, 
my sweet, soon-to-be husband and life 
long best friend: Jun Jun, and all my 
family and friends who have supported 
me in my decisions. I also thank those 
people who decided to not be apart of 
my life. For you have made me a 
stronger person!!!! 

Althea Stephens 

Boston, MA- Brighton High School 1996 
Major: Human Biology, Minor: 

Black Student Organization and 
Caribbean Culture Association 96-00, 
Student Government Representative 
98-99, Philosophy Liaison 98-00 Treasurer, 
Treasurer of Multi-faith Co., Math Liaison 
98-00, Books, Art, Classical and Gospel 

Alice Stein 

Sharon, MA- Sharon High School 1996 

Major: Biology/ Pre-Med, Minor: 


Russian Student Organization (RUSO)-VP 


Thanks to friends who have made me 
laugh, esp. Linnea-you are always in my 
thought. I love you Michael-you are my 
everything. Thanks Mom, Baba and 
Lenny-you are my unconditional 
support system, I love you! 

Marsha Sullaway 

Danvers, MA- Danvers High School 1996 
Major: Political Science, Minor: Spanish 

Kathlyn A. Sullivan 

Nashua, NH- Nashua Senior High School 


Major: Nursing, Minor: Psychology 

Nursing Liaison 97, Pinning Committee 

99-00, Sigma Theta Tau 98-00, Dean's 

List 97-00 

It has been a long, hard road, but its 
worth it. Now that my college days are 
coming to an end I am both sad and 
excited, But I know that for the rest of 
my life, I will look back at my days at 
Simmons with affection and pride. The 
things I have learned here I will carry 
with my forever. Thank you to Simmons 
for an unforgettable four years! 

Paula Tavares 

Somerville, MA- Somerville High School 


Major: Computer Science and 

Management of Information Systems 

Black Student Organization 

I am definitely walking away with 
experiences, knowledge, and 
friendships to last me a lifetime. Thank 
You, Jehan. Withou you I don't think 
that mommy could have fully 
appreciated this experience. I love you! 

Latasha Taylor 

Brooklyn, NY- Midwood High School 
Major: Sociology/ African-American 

Black Student Organization 99-00 
President, Muslim Student Association, 
Class Council Secretary 00, Sister of 
Little Black (BSO) 97-99, Health 
Coordinator, Simmons Community 
Outreach 98-99, Assistant Editor 
Simmons Voice 96-97 

Diamond's are a women's best friend, 
and I have many that are forever 
placed in my heart. I will treasure and 
wear my diamonds forever. Thank 
Mom, Grandma, Auntie Novie, Valarie, 
Uncle Johnny, Auntie Laura, Jeantel, 
Vickie, Nicole, Yvonne, Beatrice, and 
Josie. Thanks Dad for giving me the 
courage to face the demons that 
weighed me down, to my Simmons 
Sistahs-Ressie, Mechu, Aja, Sheri, Gina, 
and Laju- Tahnks for showing me how to 
create those diamonds. 

Alice Beth Tierney 

Arlington, MA- Arlington High School 


Major: Psychology, Minor: Biology 

Volleyball 96-99, Softball 97-00, 

Commuter Student Organization, 

Student Athlete's Council 

Jill Tozza 

Saugus, MA- Saugus High School 1996 
University of New Hampshire 96-97 
Major: SPED/Sociology 

Amy Virgilio 

Cheshire, MA- Hoosac Valley High 
School 1996 

Major: Physical Therapy, Minor: 
Psychology, Biology 
Crew 96, Softball 97-98, Hall Council- 
Social Chair 97-98, Simmons Community 


Louise Michelle Vital 

Somerville, MA- Trinity Catholic High 

School 1996 

Major: Sociology 8c African-American 


Black Student Organization, Student 

Government Addociation, Caribbean 

Culture Association, Hall Council, 

Volunteer in Admissions, Orientation 


Mommy, Daddy, Renel, Sheri: I love and 
cherish you deeply.-Olu, Halle, tenisha, 
Kim C, Maria, Jadine, Aja, Sharise, 
Tasha, Varina, Melissa: My fondest 
Simmons memories are of you.-Kim H. 
and Shonda: Stay Strong, my beautiful 
black HI sistas. -To all my other sistas 
(Nicole, Kemi, Monique H., Keeva, 
Monique S, Tara Paulette, Tasheika, 
Dani, Alex, Esme) and those 
unintentionally forgotten: Peace, Love, 
Joy, Happiness, Patience, Courage, 
Good Health and most of all, God's 
Continuous Blessingsl-Josie, Lisa, Brian, 
Sarah N, Gorgette, Tina, Jill, Vicky, 
Professors: Brinkley, Scott, Borges, 
Chandler, and London: your guidance 
and support have helped me 
immensely.-To the class of 2000: 
Congratulations- We've Made it! 

Colleen E. Walther 

Wilbraham, MA- Wilbraham 8c Monson 


Major: Biology 

Soccer 96, Swimming 8c Diving 97, 

Ambassador 98-00 

Amy Whelan 

Lynnfield, MA- Lynnfield High School 


Major: History, Minor: Art History 

Much thanks and love to my family and 

Giovanna Elizabeth Zaffina 

Torrington, Ct- Torrington High School 


Major: Finance 8c Marketing 

Management Liaison, College 

Republicans, Judicial Board 

Chairwoman 96-97 and Dix hall Council 

Secretary 97-99 

To the girls, the "DIX CHICKS" and 
tenisha I love you all. To Michelle and 
Armando, you both are the best friends 
anyone could ask for-thank you for 
everything and I love you both. To my 
family, thank you for youe support and I 
love you all. Mom and Dad THANK YOU 
for everything. You both are the best 
parents and without your love and 
supoort I wouldn't be here. I love you 
both very much- GRAZIE, vi AMOM! 


Class of 2000 

Congratulations on your graduation day, 

you 've certainly come a long, long way. 
'When you were but a little girl, 

not very Cong into this world you 

fitted our hearts with so much joy, 

as did your brother as a baby hoy. 
'Your mother and father nurtured you 

and your brother loved you too. 
Jindas the months turned into years, 

amidst anxiety and fears, 

with mom and dad wondering if you 

would beat the childhood illnesses and flu - 
find then you gave us such a fright 

as you lay ill in the hospital one night, 

but just as all good Christians do, 

we petitioned (jod to see you through. 
So time moved on as it always does, 

and before we %new it you were boarding a bus. 
It now seems life only yesterday, 

we were at your graduation day. 
Now here we are in the millenium 

celebrating your graduation day again. 
'We are so proud of you and your accomplisments; 

words and letters are inadequate to express our sentiments* 

'We Cove you dearly and may the door to good health, happiness and good fortune remain always open to you. 
'We wish you all the best and unlimited success in ad your future endeavours. 

grandfather and Nana 

*&e &Oaue... 

Qtferds eannet express the happiness, jey, and pride //tat ire/eeljer all that jteu /tart 
accomplished, despite the ehtacles yeu /tape had le overcome to get to this dap. Qpt seems aw'te 
appropriate that you should graduate fit the mi Hem urn because it signi/ies tier beginnings and a time 
Jar great celebrations, a/id this atmosphere irill cause the pride te swell open greater in eur hearts. 
CKnow that re mil always lepe you, and have all the Jafth in the wrld that you frill sueeeed at 
vhateper you cheese te de. (Remember, this is the /list dap of the rest of your Ij/e... 

e€W Straps, 
cSdad, OWa. Q@uy S? c^faetsie 

Y0ZS *VcA<2>£ <J7™ 


Catherine Elizabeth, 

Congratulations From MON MERE, 





We Are So Very, Very Proud Of All Your 

Achievements And Accomplishments. 

Follow Your Dreams. Don't Ever Give 
Up And Never Leave Your Dreams 
Behind. Find Them. Make Them Yours 
And Never Let Them Go. Always 
Remember What A Precious And 
Wonderful Person You Are. Believe In 
Yourself And Don't Ever Quit. God Bless 
You, And May He Always Keep You In His 
Care, And Help You Achieve All Your 

We Love You Very Much. 


"Thanks For Being 
Our Kid Evie." 



You continue fo delight 
and astound me! 
I'm so proud of you! 

r Love, 


You Are What You Know. 
You Become What You 

Thank You Simmons, For 
All Our Dear Daughter 
Has Learned There. 
Congratulations Erin! 

To Samantha 
Congratulations on your 
outstanding achievements! 
We are so proud of you, not 
just as a student, but as the 
wonderful person you are. 

Mom, Dad & Will 


Go confidently in the 
direction of your 
dreams and live the 
life you have 




We love you!! 

We're very proud of 


Mom & Dad 


Congratulations On All Your Hard Work. You've 
Already Made Many Contributions To Making The 
World A Better Place. We're Proud Of You. Our Love 
Goes With You. 


f~ -m 

s » JUL % 


*7& <hvi> deOA&U dcutqfaer and 6ty &i4te%, 

H&ui, eve one 4& ueny, ftnoud of you, €Utd t6e 
au&tcuidUtf aeco*HfiU<iA*Hettt& cfoukxve 
totccewfrdfy achieved dwiittf yawi educcUia*uzt 

'Kttotu t&ctf cue wM afaucufb Cove you,, <z*td <puc cuiM 
aAtvcUfb 6e owi "'Diva, AnyeCique '. 

*76e towdcC cuucUfo fax, qui to exfdone and neaeA, 
tfou* dnecuHb . . . 

&0Hyi*tofatti>H4,! tyou, did ttfff 

7fto*K, Dad, Atecta, cutd Sea* to*. 

"Through the years we have watched our 
dearest daughter Fatma develop her potential 
and grow Into a talented, independent, 
compassionate and successful young woman. 

We are so very proud of you Fatma for fulfilling 
the promise. You are now ready to contribute to 
and serve your country and the global community. 

We would like to take this opportunity to thank 
Slmmons's College and the Ministry of Education, 
Sultanate of Oman for giving Fatma the 
opportunity to realize her potential- Thank you 
very much. 

^ ^ > 

President Daniel S. Cheever Jr. 

Office of the Dean of Student Life 
Hilda Hernandez-Gravelle, Sarah 
Hurd, Sarah Neill, Sheila Murphy, Mike 
Hunter, Ellen Donovan 


Psychology fljnekaA^l 



(L to R) Rachel Galli, David Bennett, Diane Coulopoulos, 
Barbara Gentile 


(L to R) Back Row: Bonita Betters-Reed, Deborah Litvin, Patricia 
Clarke, Catherine Hurst (L to Right) Front Row: Susan Sampson, 
Bruce Warren 




Profile of Professor Eric Jensen, 

Warburg Professor in International Relations: 

Microcosm: What is your favorite Simmons moment or memory? 

Professor Jensen: I think that the conferences I organized were quite memorable since 

they brought eminent speakers to the Simmons Community. 

M: What is the last book you read for pleasure? 

J: Quite recently I re-read In Patagonia, by Chatwin. It was so enjoyable that I had to 

re-read it. 

M: What is the last movie you loved? 

J: Believe it or not but it was Shakespeare In Love. 

M: Where do you see yourself in 5 years and your field of study? 

J: The question is will I still be alive? I plan to continue writing. The field of IR. itself is 

important and remain important in the future. As the world moves into a complex era, IR. 

will have to face these challenges. What will be the role of the state? 

M: What do you want to say to the Senior class? 

J: Think for yourself and never give up, 

M: Do you have a hero or heroine? 

J: I look up to various people as role models. Perhaps some are famous and some are 


M: Do you have a favorite quote or saying? 

J: I can think of a Greek Maxim. "Know Thy Self." Which I absorbed as a school boy. 

M: If you could have tea with anyone: living or dead, real or fictional, who would it 

be and why? 

J: She'd have to be beautiful. Why not Cleopatra or Queen Nefertiti? 

M: Last question, what do you like about Simmons Student? 

J: They are lively, interested, and outward looking. 


Philosophy Department 

Wanda Torres Gregory, Sue Stafford 

History Department 

Back: Zhigang Liu, Catherine Algor, Marie McHugh Front: Laura Prieto, 
Keith Gorman 

Biology Department 

Back: Tom Montagno, Arthur Skura, Victoria Galloway, Jane Lopalito, 
Mary Owen, Tucker Crum, Bruce Gray front: Randi Lite, Sandra Williams 

Chemistry Department 

Nancy Lee, Peter Bowers, Jennifer Roecklin-Cainfield, Kathleen 
Mathews, Leonard Soltzberg, Michale Kaplan, Jim Piper, Nora Friel 


English Department 

Children's Literature 

L-R top: Afaa Michael Weaver, David Gullette, Delia 
Scott, Renee Bergland, Lowry Pei Middle: Jill Teitelman, 
Cathie Mercier, Pam Bromberg, Greta Methot, Doug 
Perry, Susan Bloom Front: Richard Wollman, Eileen 
Cleere, Bill Manly 



L-R: Don Basch, Carole Biewener, Barbara 
Sawtelle, Niloufer Sohrabji, Masato Aoki 


Political Science 

International Relations 

L-R: Zachary Abuza, Cheryl Welch, Kirk Beattie, Toni-Michelle Travis 

Women's Studies 

L-R: Eileen Cleere, Jyoti Puri, Pam Bromberg, Carole 
Biewener, Laura Prieto, Diane Hammer, Jill Taylor, 
Jennifer Sweet 


Nursing Department 

[L to R) Kelly Fisher, Ann Tamule, Anne-marie Barron Mary Grimanis 
Patricia White, Carol Love, Ninetta Torra 


(L to R) Judy Beal, Patricia Rissmiller, Susan Neary, 
Charlene Berube, Rebecca Donohue, Carol Somers 


(L to R) Tom Barbieri, Velda Goldberg, Michael Kaplan 




(L to R) Raquel Halty, Deborah Fraioli, Nancy Levy-Konesky, Susan Keane, 
Zhiganag Liu, Louise 

Department Of 
African American 


Christina Brinkley, Afaa Michael Weaver, Elizabeth Amelia I 
Hadley, Dana Chandler 

Department Of Art 



Joyce Cohen, Greg Slowik, Vaughn Sills, Dana Chandler, Margaret 

Math And Computer Science 

Bruce Tis, Nanette Veilleux, David Browder, Donna Beers, Bob Goldman, 
Margaret Menzin 

Nutrition Department 

Liz Metallinos-Katsaras, Paul Taylor, Nancie Iterbold 


Becky Thompson, Jyoti Puri, Ellen Borges, Patricia 
Rieker, Stephan London 



Honors Convocation 

Emeriti faculty members pose for a picture after the Honors Convocation. 

Professor of Library Science, Ruth Shaw Loenard '28 was awarded the All-College Service 
Award for her 75 year affiliation with Simmons College. She waves as she expects her 
award while the crowd honors her with a standing ovation. 


Millennia, Centuries and the Bottom Line 

-George Nitchie, Professor of English 

To get from Stonehenge to the Bid Dig, you 

Big units, and bigness had its consequences. 
It can erode pyramids or swallow empires 
But never dance, or tune a violin, 
Or celebrate a birthday. Indiscriminate 
In its inclusiveness and imprecise 
In its facts, a millennium can tell us only 
That a lot of water has gone under the bridge 
And that things aren't what they used to be — 
Which is true enough, but doesn't really help 
To fix the computers or graduate the seniors. 
And there are very few of us for whom 
A thousand years are really quite as real 
As we think they ought to be. We can 
Deal with a flexible three score and ten, 
And we can round off almost anything 
From the recalcitrant pi to the I.R.S., 
Which means that a rounded-out one 

hundred years 
Is just within our practical parameters, 
Something we can grasp, aspire to, weep 

When Mozart or Keats comes far short of 

making it, 
Or celebrate when it happens to someone 

Or an Institution that has kept its decency. 

And sometimes they do — charities, bills or 

Cathedrals — all flawed, all vulnerable- 
All small, from the millennial point of view, 
But sometimes breathtaking; and if a 

hundred years 
of doing what colleges were set up to do 

Has not yet had millennial consequences 
There are other things that, for us, may matter 

more — 
Survival, for one, which already puts us 

Of the Great Depression and the 

Thousand-Year Reich. 
Survival, yes, but survival includes 
Bosworths and Beatleys, Brattons and Syphers 

and Needhams, 
And at the other end of Mark Hopkins' log, 
Ifills and Lees, a Ras and Kulhawik, 
Bryants and Corts and Fudges and Pareskys, 
And how many hundreds more to fill a 

And, when all's said and done, what more do 

we need? 
What more, indeed? Millennia have their 

Such as it is, outgloried and outshone 
By our more manageable hundred years, 
But the unit that gives the whole thing shape 

and meaning 
Is only four years long, from the unfledged 

To the fully baccalaureated graduate 
Who keeps us honest and who demonstrates, 
For the hundredth time, that centuries, 

And maybe even the Platonic Year, 
Plead as they may for our undivided 

Have only reflected glory; that the real thing 
Is here, and now, black-gowned and 

And ready for another hundred years. 

The Simmons 
Debate Team took 
home trophies from 
Montreal! George and 
Laura Nitchie 
Represent the 
Simmons College 
Writer's Conference. 
Many published 
authors thanked 
Professor Nitchie for 
his encouragement. 
Some Simmons 
College Nursing 
students take time out 
for a quick smile 
during the Nursing 
Conference this past 

J ; ;:,: : r : : : : : / ::: :-;:i:L :: 


At the Warburg Conference 2000, three student volunteers lend their time to the hectic 
afternoon. Mehwish, Bambi, Chanda and Yim "stylin"" at the 1 999 Culture Shock. Sir Kieran 
Prendergast, Warburg Conference keynote speaker, on Political Affairs. 


The pictures shown are Simmons 
College student volunteers visitng 
local middle schools and giving 
chemistry demonstrations. This 
community service is called 
"Chemistry Outreach Program". The 
school shown in the pictures is Mother 
Carolina Academy. 



'I I II ■ IMI' 


The Commuter Student Oragnization strives to be and accomplish, many 
things. First and foremost we aim to bridge the ever present gap between 
commuter and resident students. We feel that this is very important and 
necessaryy, in order to encompass commuters in the Simmons Community, 
rather then having them be a separate entity. Secondly we raise awareness 
among Simmons community members about commuters and the unique 
issues that they face. We also expose comuter students to academic and 
social activities of Simmons College. Though meetings and other activities 
such as: Senior Sendoff, Potluck Dinners, Holiday Parties, Coffees, trips and 
community service, we become a support system and surrogate family for 
our fellow commuters. We also make the Commuter Lounge a home away 
from home for Commuters to enrich their Simmons experience and make 
then feel comfortable and welcome. Lasty, we forge lasting friendships and 
relations that supersede age, race and location. 

Pictured above- Alice Beth Tierney-Senior Rep, Maura 
McNeely-Treasurer, Janelle Micaloonis-President, Joanna 
Lenahan-Vice President, Tricia King-publicity Rep. 

Pictured left- Tricia King, Lilly Haskell, Noel Porier, Meg Collins, 
Jen Dutra, Anne-Maura McNeally, Janelle Micaloonis, Ivannia 
Giraldo, Kate-Pose for a picture at the Senior Sendoff I 


The Simmons College Chorale 
is a vocal group that performs a 
wide variety of music styles. We 
sing songs in different 
languages by many composers 
from all time periods. Our 
Holiday concert featured 
Christmas, Hanukkah, New 
Year's, African American and 
winter music. Our Spring 
Concert consisted of traditional 
choral music, jazz music, 
Broadway songs and folk songs. 
Chorale does not require 
auditions and welcomes any 
with the love of singing and 
music and the commitment to 
our three hour per week 

Group Photo- (back to front) Miwa Kubosaki, Catherine Allen, Marika Katz, Susan Emmanouilidis 
(Chorale Director), Alicia Utterback (Publicity Officer), Tonya Lemoh (Accompanist), Molly 
Weirmann, Abigail McCracken and Julie Blundon, Laurie Bittman (Vice President), Nora Erickson 
(President) and Lea Cefalu (Treasurer), Shannon Davis, Alicia Reprecht, Karen Schwartz, Kimberly 
Burb, Clara LaFrance and Heather White 


Feminist Union 


The Chemistry Liaison is an organization of Simmons 
students interested in chemistry and informing the rest if the 
Simmons community about chemistry. Through events such 
as the Chemistry outreach program, Career Night, Science 
Resume, Workshop, the Senior/Faculty Dinner and the Holiday 
Party, we try to introduce underclassmen and interested 
students to the faculty and members of the liaison and what 
the field of chemistry had to offer them. 

Pictured left: Nora Erickson, Jenna Phipps, Taryn Hogan, 
Jiyoung, Kim, Sabrina Chaklos, Jill Kolb, and Stela Kocani. 

Advisor: Nancy Lee, Co-Presidents: Nora Erickson and 
Jenna Phipps, Co-Vice-Presidents: Jiyoung Kim and Stela 
Kocani, Secretary: Sabrina Chaklos, Co-Treasurers: Jill Kolb 
and HeuiShuan Liu, Co-Chem./Pharm. Mediators: Marline 
Woolley and Mojisola Sekoni, Taryn Hogan, Molly Mathis, Iva 
Taylor and Violetta Lamb. 



The International Student 
Association of Simmons 
primarily focuses on 
promoting cultural diversity at 
Simmons. For the students 
who come from differnt 
multicultural backgrounds, 
the ISA provides them with a 
foundation to come together, 
join, and share as one thier 
beautiful and diverse cultures 
with other students at 
Simmons. Our main event that 
we collaborated with other 
Colleges of the Fenway was 
Culture Shock which features 
dances, poetry, skits, songs 
and fashion shows from all 
around the world. 


Asian Student Association 

The Simmons College Asian Students Association unifies students under the interest of 
promoting awareness and understanding toward Asian issues, topics, experiences, lifestyles 
and cultures. Together we are one collaborative group with one strong voice. ASA is the link 
between the Simmons community, the Boston Asiam community and the the Intercollegiate 
Asian community. We became a powerful resource filled with valuable knowledge and 
information gathered from our connections and especially from each other. Memories of 
Hospitality Night, Asian Awareness Month, Culture Shock, Karaoke Nights, and Brown Bag 
Lunches remain in each one of our hearts. We also cannot forget the dear friendships that come 
along with it all. Our job is never done. We will continue on. 

Pictured above- Susana Chan, Doeun Kol, Namone Khamphavong, Mehwish Irfan, Alissa 
Vancour, Yim Hung Lee, Rosie Puthiyamadam, Wing Chui, Pina Patel, Chhavy Sinuon, Manjula 
Nair, Smriti Malik, Chanda Plong 

Model United Nations 

Model United Nations strives to introduce students to the 
inner-workings of International Affairs. We hope to not only 
improve students awareness of international issues, but also the 
art of conflict resolution. We engage in extensive research on 
nation states that we represent at the simulated Model United 
Nations conferences. Each MUN member specializes on a given 
topic concerning their country, in each committee represented. 
Annualy, we attend the American Model United Nations 
Conference in Chicago, IL; the Harvard National Model United 
Nations Conference in Boston, MA; and the National Model 
United Nations Conference in NY City, NY. 



- ■ 


■ ' 

% W 





B^. '• '""H 

ma i, . JlSEisH 



■ ^"lr- 


t'itii d 



Ft v , 

•f \l0/ 

p^^ ^^^B 

Members of Campus Crusade for Chrisf af a Harvesf Party having a good 

Campus Crusade 
For Christ 

Campus Crusade for Christ is an 
interdenominational Christian Ministry 
affiliated with Boston's chapter of Campus 
Crusade for Christ and the area churches. The 
organization is designed to help interested 
students learn more about Christianity and 
deal with issues facing college students from a 
Christian perspective. We strive to help our 
members grow spiritually through weekly Bible 
Study, prayer, and church attendance. We aim 
to educate the Simmons community through 
movies, discussions, speaders etc. Campus 
Crusade for Christ also attends retreats, 
conferences, and weekly social events at 
Harvard with other area Campus Crusade for 
Christ groups. 



"The purpose of Simmons College 
Hillel is to bring Jewish students 
together and meet their religious and 
community needs, as well as to 
educate the Simmons community 
about the Jewish Culture." 

The Hillel Exuctuive Board Left to right: Jackie 
Miller-Treasurer, Sarah Spool-President, Misty 
Sperling-Vice President, Carly Gartman-Social 
Chair, liana Plavin-Religious Chair, Shanna 

Debate Team 

The Simmons College Debate Team at St. Anselm 
College: Laura Shimberg, A.C. Beniot, Laju 
Ogedengbe, Ral fhiruvengadam, Ramsey Alwin, 
Laura Hornick, Sue Stafford, Anne Brochu, Anne Miller 


Simmons Community Outreach 

Simmons Community Outreach is a student run community service 
organization, lead by a diverse group of Strong Committed Women. 
Through organized volunteerism, SCO is dedicated to engaging 
Simmons students in meaningful experiences within their community. 
Through ten areas of outreach, SCO provides continuous volunteer 
opportunities as well as one day service events: Arts and Humanities; 
Best Buddies; Conferences and Outside Activities; Elderly; 
Environment; External Fundraising Health; Hunger and Homlessness; 
Mother Caroline mentoring; and Women's Issues. 


Our organization serves as bridge 
between students and faculty. The 
Liaison is responsible for summarizing 
course evolutions and the faculty 
looks to the Liaison for general 
curriculumn advice. The Liaison 
organizes social and educational 
events and is responsible for 
furthering the academic interests of 
individuals interested in advice. We 
also act as a support froup to those 
students who Ecomonic majors. Some 
of our major events so far this year 
have included a trip the Federal 
Reserve with Professor Aoki's Money 
and Banking Class. Also a bake-sale 
and we also will be having a Career 
Night, Cookout, T-Shirt design 
competition and sales. 

Linh Diep, Hayley Huba-Treasurer, 
Rachel Haase-President, and Sana 
Ayubi-Vice President. Advisor Masato 

Organization Expo 1 999- Martha Kucharik, Robin 
Drysdale, Jennifer Atkinson, Kristy Krugh, Kelly Sweat 
and Sarah Goracke 



Muslim Student 

Our organization brings together all 
Muslims on campus for Religious and 
Holiday events. We also act as a support 
group to the Muslims students on campus. 
We are always trying very hard to 
increase Islamic awareness on campus, 
among all students and faculty members. 
There aare so many misconceptions and 
stereotypes surrounding the Islamic faith, 
we feel that as Women Muslims at 
Simmons it it our responsibilty to educate 
people about our religion and, also 
celebrate out faith. Some or our activities 
include: bake sales, Islamic Awareness 
week, Ramadan, Eid-ul-fitr party, round 
table discussion with panelists and 
guests, Eid-AI-Adha recognition, and 
small get-togethers. Muslims Student 
Association Executive board members: 
Samia Naeem-President, Samia 
Naseem-Vice President, Amane Abdel 

Dance Club 

Simmons Dance Club promotes the 
Performing Arts in an encouraging, 
team-oriented environment. We provide 
students with the opportunity to explore 
various dance formms and to gain 
performance experience through our 
annual productions. We are committed to 
the development of leadership skills in a 
noncompetetive atmosphere. Our annual 
events are Dinner and a Show the SCO 
Safe Halloween Party, Evening of the Arts, 
Boston Ballet Dance Talks and a 
performance during Family Weekend. 
This year's Dance club Executive 
Members include: Amy Johnson- 
President, Beth Fleurant-Vice President, 
Lauren Carr-Treasurer, Paulette 
Costa-Secretary, Amanda Rikeman- 
Publicity Representative. 

Campus Activities 

Campus Activities Board (CAB) enriches 
student life at Simmons By coordinating 
fun and entertaining social, educational 
and Cultural programs and activities. 
CAB is a member of the National 
Association for Campus Activities and 
participates in a regional conference 
each year. CAB also sponsors events with 
the programming boards of the Colleges 
of the Fenway. Some of the events that 
CAB sponsors are the annual Valentine's 
Ball, Spring Spree Weekend, and the 
American Red Cross Blood Drives. 
Throughout the year CAB also sponsors 
exciting bands, comedians, movies and 


The Management Liaison offers management majors a 
supportive link to the past, present and future of the business 
environment while creating external and internal networks for 
future success in the business world. The liaison works closely 
with the Management Department to provide eductaional, 
motivational and creative opportunities for management 
students and works diligently to help continue the tradition of 
excellence in managment for Simmons women. 

Pictured above: The Management Liaison Exectutive board: Amy 
Johnson-President, Hayley Huba- Vice President, Jenna 
Silbert-Treasurer, Lisa Cormier-Secretary and not pictured, Advisor 
Bruce Warren 

The Management Liaison sponsors annual events that include the 

Department Social, Career Night, the Jr/Sr. Banquet, the Majors Meeting, 

completion of the teacher evaluations and a Department- wide Resume 


Above, members of the liaison pose for a group photo. 

Caribbean Cultrue Association members and Superplus pose for a 
quick photo after one of the events this past February. 

Caribbean Culture 

.. ■ ■ % 


F %^ ami 


■'■ ■ 

' 1 %\ 


A m 

< ^ 


M Hi -♦ WBk i 

m V 


4. * . 

•»'• i 1^ J 



¥ > 

^W m l| 

Caribbean Culture Association members include from top to bottom Andy 
Pitigny, Kimberlee Henry, Keeva Haines, Jadine Greenaway, Michelle Vital, 
Sheri Felix, and Latashe Taylor. 



The purpose of the SGA is to 
encourage responsibilty and 
cooperate in democratic 
self-government; to coordinate the 
policies of the various student 
organizations; to administer and 
monitor the student activities' fee 
budget by the Student Finance 
Board; to further the general 
interests of the undergraduate 
student body; to create an 
environment that appreciates and 
respects the many cultures and 
diversity on campus; and to work 
closely with the faculty and 
administrators on matters 
concerning the interests of the 
student body. 

SGA participated in the Golf Cart Prade for Homecoming 
Weekend and recieved the "Most School Spirit Award." 

Oragnization Expo in the SAC in the picture from left to right Parent, 
Meredith Gunnels Secretary of SGA, Jessica Shaw Vice President of SGA 
and student. 

Latasha Taylor from the class of 2000 represents the SGA at the 
Organization Expo. 

Group photo-The SGA celePrates "Ghost Out Day" a triPute to those 
killed in an alcohol related incident. 




Simmons Campus 

Girl Scout 


Approved by the SGA fall semester of 1999, the Simmons 
Campus Girl Scout Troop has started the millennium off right. 
The purpose of thr troop are to assist younger girl scout troops 
in our community, engage in community service, participate in 
Girl Scout traditions and invite the whole Simmons Community 
to learn about Girl Scouting and Guiding around the world. The 
troop is open to anyone regardless of any past Girl Scout 
participation. Currently the elected board consists of President 
Emily Parkhurst, Vice President Belinda Sanborn, Treasurer 
Manjula Nair, SGA Representative Faith Yacubian, Co-Troop 
Coordinator Elizabeth Alexander, and Co-Troop Coordinator 
Abby Mitchell. The Simmons Campus Girl Scout Troop has 
already celebrated World Thinking Day and has established its 
name on campus. End of semester plans include assisting with 
younger Girl Scout Troop, a campout at Simmons, a field day, 
and participating in SCO's Walk for Hunger. 

In photo: Elizabeth Alexander, Jessica Keay, Janette Hernandez, 
Emily Parkhurst, Faith Yacubian, Belinda Sanborn. Not pictured 
Manjula Nair, Abby Mitchell, Advisor Gina Hill, Mehwish Irfan, Nadine 
Sullivan, and Marie Celestin. 

With great honor and hard work we present this book to the ladies of Simmons College. Throughout 
the past 100 years the Microcosm staff has spent endless hours to capture the true essence of the 
Simmons experience with words, pictures and artwork. This book, Microcosm 2000, has finally 
summed up the past 100 years of Simmons students, faculty, activities, celebrations, politics, and 
history. Twenty pages of this book have been donated to celebrate the Simmons Centennial, with 
photos from the Archive Library, and a breif history of each decade. We would like you to not only 
read this book as a yearbook but as a reference to the past. 

This year's Microcosm Staff although quite small in size, has done a wonderful job putting together 
a part of history. This "part-time" job requires many hours of hard work, and dedication and without 
it, there would be no book to capture a year's worth of history. This year's staff consisted of 4 brave 
women who endured the endless nights and early mornings. Our Advisor Kelci Lucier, managed all of 
the financial aspects of this yearbook as well as starting this year's staff from scratch. Our 
Photograph Editor.Dix Scholar Catherine Reynolds holds much applause for her endless work on the 
"History" Section, and also Student Work and Profiles. Senior Sana Ayubi, our lady in charge of 
behind the scenes, has done the work of 30 women! Her research, follow-up calls, and faculty 
photographs have done a world of good! And finally myself, Editor-in-Chief Freshman Emily Schepis. 
Thank you Ladies, not bad for rookies! 



Microcosm-the word 
that had the power to 
strike terror in the hearts 
of its staff. They were 
subject to the tyranny of 
deadlines, copy and 
layouts that wouldn't 
jibe, lost copy and 
mix-ups in photographs. 
As the deadline drew 
nearer the work seemed 
to become magnified so 
that it dwarfed 
everything, studies and 
social life, into 
nothingness. An yet 
through the seemingly 
endless task of 
organizing this yearbook 
came the knowledge 
and satisfaction that we 
were helping to create 
something that would 
crystalize the memories 
of college days for this 
year's graduating class. 
Each Microcosm is part 
of the history of Simmons 
College. It not only 
serves as a reference 
guide to days of the 
past, but as an 
inspiration to the Mic 
staff of each coming 
year. - Microcosm 1 958 



Class Of 

Junior Class Officers: Jenn Howard Secretary, Katie Akillian Senator 
and Faith Yacibian Senator. Bottom row: Jodi Gallagher Treasurer, 
Mindy Paulo President, and Selena Strader Vice President. 

Class Of 

Sophomore Class Officers: Thao Nueng Vice President, HeiShen Liu 
Secretary, liana Plavin President. 

Class Of 

The Class of 2003 had a great start! They 
successfully completed their first event 
which was an Ice Cream social for all 
freshmen and perspective students. They 
also held fund-raisers such as bakes sales 
and vendors. The Winter Wonderland 
extravaganza was also a big hit. The class 
of 2003 has pledged to complete 2003 
hours of community service at the Alls ton 
Brighton YMCA. 

Freshmen Class Officers: Nasreen Rafeemyhr Community 
Service Representative, Sarah Buckley Secretary, Bethany 
Bassett President, Belinda Sanborn Treasurer, Brooke Lang 
Vice President. 






The Simmons College soccer 
team had yet another great 
season! Under the leadership of 
captains Debbie Munzing #12 
and Krista Dacek #20 the 
Simmons Sharks made their way 
through the season towards 
victory. Coach Chris Baker 
coached his team on and off the 
field. The team in all spent many 
days and nights together, 
celebrating wins, losses and of 
course Team Dinners! A special 
thank you to all senior members . 
. . good luck in the future! 




The women of the Simmons Field Hockey 
team battled it out for another great season in 
the sun. Captains Jennifer Cummings and 
Holley Frisbee kept the teams spirits up by 
organizing day trips with the team, such as 
apple picking! Coach Michelle White worked 
her members to keep up with the ever 
expanding sport and new techniques of Field 
Hockey. Good job ladies, keep up the good 
work and good luck in the years to come! 

» _■ . '-'..".:, . * "' 





The Simmons College Swimming 
and Diving team had another great 
season. Lead by captains Lyn 
Cocchiaro and Quinn McCoy, the 
team grew together and shared 
many hours learning, sharing and 
cheering one another on. 
Swimming Coach Doug Backlund 
and Diving Coach Cindy Peterson 
worked well with their team and 
worked hard to satisfy the 
competitive side of the meets. 
Good job and farewell to all 

* ■• 



From day break to the night's end these 
Simmons Crew members were living it up! 
Early morning practices and late night 
celebrations led these teams to victory! The 
Novice Crew captions Gretchen 
Horner-Wright and Melissa Chadwick kept 
the pace of the newest members of the 
team steady and fast. Varsity Crew 
Captains Juniors Melissa Stillberger and 
Kathleen Killilea made sure their team was 
ready for competitions by perfecting their 
rhythm and strength in and out of the water. 
Applause goes out to the coaches Nikolay 
Kurmakov and Diana Gamache for their 
dedication and hard work! Keep up the 
good work! 


" <u 



The Simmons College tennis 
team beat the heat during their 
past season. Beginning at the 
end of the summer the team 
practiced and played day and 
night. Captain Christina Ryberg 
kept hopes up as the days got 
longer and hotter an they still 
managed to have another 
wonderful season. Coach Elinor 
Ross kept the ladies on their toes 
with practice, practice and even 
more practice as the season 
wore on, but in the end ... it was 
all worth it! Thank you to all 
senior members and to Coach 
Elinor Ross for her contributions to 
the 2000 Microcosm! 



Bump . . . Set . . . Spike, the three terms 
that the Volleyball team lived by during 
their victorious season! Lead by captains 
Alice Beth Tierney, Jackie Mann, Nicole 
Peltz and Senior Esmerelda Jerez the 
team incorporated rhythm, 
sportsmanship, practice and team spirit 
as they made their way through some 
really competitive games. Thanks to the 
hard work and dedication to coach 
Charles Smith and Assistant coach Cheryl 
Corozza the Simmons Sharks had yet 
another wonderful season. Good job 
ladies and good luck in the future! 



The 1 999-2000 Basketball season 
flew by as the ladies, warmed-up, 
practices, ran, jumped, shot and 
scored! Under the strong leadership 
of captains Jess Vasbinder and 
Kristen Roberts, the Simmons Sharks 
defeated their enemies and 
completed another fantastic 
season. Coach Maureen 
McCormack deticated much effort 
to work the ladies to their potentials 
and she did a wonderful job. Good 
job ladies, and good luck to all 


This year's Softball team 
surprised the fans with 
double-header wins and long, 
tough neck-to-neck battles 
against their rivals. Coached 
by Michelle White and Assistant 
Coach Chris Baker, the ladies 
of swing hit their first wins in the 
past 3 years!!!! Senior Alice 
Beth Tierney Caption and 
Junior Amy Heath Captain kept 
spirits high and adrenaline 
flowing as the ladies slid into 
home with their mouths smiling 
and their laughter roaring all 
and all to complete a very 
successful season! Great job 
ladies and good luck in the 
year's to come! Ciao to the 
solo senior AB! 




1 <$M*S*\Jj \l W 



'i 5 £ 


; % \*i% | & m s V M % 

■^^W:F^'^\J/'^^' : y.:'- y , 


Dix Hall 

Members of the Dix Hall 
Council. Back row: Tala 
Cesana, Melissa Ward, Alicia 
Ruprecht, Jill Collard, Jen 
Cote. Front row: Mindy Paulo, 
Allison Palmsten, Kerry Casey, 
Melissa Stillberger, Sam 
Bennett, liana Plavin, Phillipa 

liana, Alicia and Jill getting ready to 
make Sundaes during welcome week in 
Dix Hall. Below: Dix Hall/ Class of 2002 
Trip to Kittery Maine for a full day of 


photos from the short term 
Art History abroad program 
in England. In the picture is 
a group of Simmons 
Students and Stonehenge. 
Muslim Student 
Organization gathering. 



Mesick Hall Council 

Mesick Hall 
Council: Starting 
middle center 
clockwise: Katie 


floor rep, Jenny 
Jboard, Nicole 
Chair, Elsa 
Chair, Steph 
Corliss- 1st floor 
rep, Jenn 
Chair, Kat 
Martin-3rd floor 

Simmons Students were invited by 
MIT's AEPi fraternity to volunteer at 
Children's Hospital's Family Day. 


Simmons Students in a London Pub 
during the London Short Term trip in 

South Hall council was chosen as this 
year's best hall council, great job 


Simmons recently 
opened their brand 
new student center 
featuring a coffee 
shop, internet access, 
lunch tables and a 
comfy place to 
lounge, study and 

Congratulations To . . . 

Sana Ayubi, Catherine 

Reynolds And 

Shanti Heffern For 

Their Work On The 

2000 Microcosm! 



Jra._ jk. 


• ; ' I * 


Japanese Maple. Photo 
by Pauline Donovan 


In Marseilles, i iuji i^cj uuih ly n ic iiioi on i m \\ji is 01 l<^M I lt^|[ I 

France program. June 1 6, 1 997, overlooking Marseilles ir 
a cathedral. Photographer unknown. 

[) Covers Basic Photography Class Photo by Fatrna 

*•■ .»,"_- HIT 


Weeping Willows and 
boats, Basic 
Photography Class. 
Photo by Fatma 

Shadow effect, Basic 
Photography Class. 
Photo by Fatma 

"Forever Friends" taken 
at Longwood Bridge. 
Photo by Annie Voipi 

*£* ~ 

mp mmm mmm mmm mmm 





~% ~f~ r 

England. Photo by, 
Bethany Gieqer. 

>ii fill 


Stonehenge in London. England. Photo by 
Bothany Geiger 

is, NH Photo by Catherine 

)wn, ME Ph 









jm&' ^ 




^ygfc*^' 1 

vf" stir 

'- - 


». i 

"' , *5^ 


re* «.** 


v faf* 

9 .. > # 




K*? * 


.jf» * *i;ft 








** »